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Bella is a sweet, super smooth, gorgeous buckskin tobiano mare!  What a
beautiful horse she is!  She has a caramel buckskin coat with 4 flashy white
stockings, unique white spots, a thick mixed mane and a long flowing black
tail.  Everyone who sees her  remarks how beautiful she is. Along with her
beautiful looks comes her inner beauty.  Bella is very gentle and calm.  She
is eager to greet you at her stall and loves to be pet and groomed. When it
comes time to ride, Bella is a Cadillac. She has a super smooth 4 beat gait
that she performs effortlessly on a tight or loose rein.  Bella's gaits are
outstanding and absolutely wonderful to ride!  She is not spooky acting at
all and  will go out alone or in a group.  She is very intelligent and truly
strives to please her rider.  We are very picky about the mares we offer for
sale. They have to be exceptional and she very much is.  Bella is push
button to ride and responds to your every request without getting
frustrated or bothered.  She is very forgiving and kind.  Bella has been
exposed to dogs, bikes, motorcycles, speeding traffic, school buses,
plastic bags, country trails, busy streets, school zones, turkeys, deers,
logs, crossing water...  She is a gem of a mare!   Bella stands to mount,
walks off on a loose rein, gaits on a loose rein, canters, stops easily, rides
great in a saddle or bareback.  She is easy to handle in every way with
impeccable ground manners and a quiet easy going disposition.  Bella is
not "mareish" and gets along great with the geldings.  We turn her out
regularly with 2-3 geldings and she is just like one of the guys.  Bella is a
forever horse with all the qualities that everyone is looking for in a
spectacular trail partner and companion.  Beginner riders on up will love
this sweet, smooth gaiting girl!
Bella aka Miss Behaving

Age:  8              

Height: 15.3 H                 

Color: Buckskin Tobiano

Gender:  Mare                

Registered: NSSHA

Price: $7500