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Blue Bayou is a super smooth gaiting black and white gelding!  Blue is a
beautiful, flashy moving black and white with a mixed mane and tail. He
has a nice athletic, muscular build.  Blue is a great riding horse!  He has a
kind and loving disposition and is incredibly smooth to ride.  Blue is
extremely  friendly and very, very affectionate.  He LOVES people and will
come to you know matter what he was doing.  He loves to be handled
hugged and loved!  Blue's ground manners are excellent and so are his
gaits.  He is very easy to catch, halter, lead, clip, bathe, tack up,
load/unload and trailer.  On the trail Blue is stellar!  He is very sure footed
and will cross anything you put in his path.  He will  skillfully climb hills
and carefully pick his way down steep embankments.  He is not spooky
acting at all!  Blue is very reliable and enjoyable to ride.  He is very level
headed and intelligent and does not get bothered by things on the trail.  
He is a been there done that type of trail horse.  Blue stands perfect to
mount/dismount, walks and gaits on a loose rein, canters, listens to leg
and verbal cues.  He hops on and off the trailer and trailers out great.  Blue
will stand for hours to be bathed, groomed and handled.  He is super
smooth to ride and just stunning to look at.  His gaits are exceptional! Blue
will gait for you at various speeds (all of them smooth).  He is a very well
gaited horse that is super fun to ride! You can show him and win some
blue ribbons!   Blue gets along excellent with other horses and will go
anywhere in the group.  He is also super to ride out alone on. Blue has
been exposed to country life and busy city streets.  He is an excellent trail
mount  and arena performer. Blue is fun, easy to ride, easy to handle and
willing to do what ever you ask.  He is a very pleasant horse that is a joy to
ride in the show ring and a pleasure on the trail.  Blue is an incredibly
smooth horse to ride with lots of style and class.  Advanced beginner
riders on up will love riding this stellar horse. This horse has everything
that anyone is looking for in a trail horse and companion.
Blue Bayou
Age: 9          

Height: 15 H                 

Color: Black & White

Gender: Gelding               

Registered: KNGHA

Price: $6800