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Roadrunner's Breeze aka Breeze is a gorgeous buckskin and white
tobiano gelding!  Breeze is the total package!  He is a super smooth gaiting
horse that is safe and reliable on the trail.  He is a gorgeous buckskin with
white markings and white socks. He has a beautiful mixed black and white
mane and tail.  Breeze has an athletic build with excellent confirmation and
a beautiful head. He has one blue eye and one brown eye that give him a
striking appearance. He is a very handsome looking horse!  Breeze is an
exceptionally trained and finished horse.   He is kind hearted, responsive
to his riders requests and truly wants to please.  He has a very easy going
personality and is phenomenal to ride. Breeze has a head shaking flat
walk, and super smooth gaits that he can perform at various speeds
including a canter.  He is not in a rush to do anything but will respond
when you ask him to.  He will walk or gait on a loose rein and is happy to
stay in his gait for you.   He is reliable, steady and mature on the trail and in
the arena.  He goes out great alone, gets along great with other horses and
is great in groups.  Breeze has been out in the mountains, in the country,
down busy roads, past school zones, in groups, out alone and he is a
steady horse.  He is a level headed, kind hearted and loving horse that is a
pleasure to be around.  He will let you do just about anything to him and
does not get worked up or frustrated.  He comes to you when he sees you
and he wants to be pet and loved on especially if a carrot is involved.  He is
a great horse all the way around!  Breeze is sure footed on the trail and  
has been exposed to traffic, ATV's, deer, turkeys, dogs, plastic bags,
landscapers,  strollers, skate boards,  high winds, water, bikes,
motorcycles, wildlife and city life.  He will stand quiet to mount/dismount,
bathe, clip, groom, tack up...  He trailers with ease and will hop on off
without thinking twice.  Breeze will turn heads on the trail with his flashy
colors and blue eye!   He is an adult  beginner safe trail  horse that has all
the qualities that you look for in a trust worthy, smooth gaiting trail partner.
Age:  Breeze        

Height: 16.0 H                 

Color: Buckskin and White Tobiano

Gender:  Gelding                 

Registered: NSSHA

: $8500