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Chance is a super gentle black and white gelding, with a beautiful sweet
face!  He has a beautiful coat that shimmers in the sunlight, a black mane
and long white & black tail.  He has a nice athletic build, excellent
confirmation and a been there done that nothing bothers me attitude. He is
cute as a button with a personality to match. He is flashy when he moves.
Chance is well behaved and super smooth to ride.  He is a great horse!  He
has a been shown in competition and won blue ribbons. He is wise, well
trained and super calm.  He is not spooky acting at all and is a great
confidence building horse  He is very easy to handle on the ground with
great  manners.  When you saddle him up he knows his job and takes very
good care of his rider.  Chance loves to be out on the trail or in the arena.  
He is happy to go out and explore whether on the trails or walking down a
busy street. He is very sure footed and intelligent.  He has a great mind and
a forgiving personality.  Chance is easy to halter, lead, groom, bathe, clip,
pick his feet, worm...   He has been exposed to traffic, dogs, bikes,
motorcycles, construction vehicles, deer, turkeys, cows, birds, wildlife,
crossing water, bridges.  He is not spooky in any way shape or form.  
Chance walks out on a loose rein, gaits on a loose rein.  He will walk all day
if you would like too.  Chance is that  flashy beauty that you, your friends,
family and spouses can enjoy.  He is a steady, solid minded trail mount that
you will enjoy for years and years!  He has a great mind, nice disposition
and he is super on the trails and in traffic!  Beginners rider on up will enjoy
riding this loving, sweet horse.

Age:  6            

Height: 15.0 H                 

Color: Black & White

Gender:  Gelding                

Registered: KNGHA

Price: $6200