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Othello is a kind and gentle gelding. He is very calm, very sensible and
very beautiful to look at!   Othello is a beautiful black with four white socks
and long flowing mixed mane and tail. He has a beautiful head, a thick
solid build and gentle disposition. Othello is a very reliable trail mount. He
does not seem to be bothered by anything and is very easy to ride.  He has
a sweet and gentle personality and is very forgiving and sensible.  Othello
is gentle enough for beginners to ride and fun enough for experienced
riders too! He is a true pleaser that will do his best to make his rider happy.  
Othello has a great flat walk, and a natural running walk.  He will gait nice
and slow on a loose rein. Othello has been a trail horse his entire life and it
shows in his cool, easy going ways.  He has been on easy going rides and
is experienced with large groups as well. Othello will stand to
mount/dismount, walk on a loose rein, gait on a loose rein, listens to leg
and verbal cues, goes out alone or with a group, hops on and off the trailer
and gets along great with other horses.  He has been exposed to traffic,
dogs, plastic bags, guns being fired off, wildlife, ATV’s, bicycles, children
at play...  Othello is not spooky acting in the slightest bit.  He is trustworthy
and steady on the trail.  He will cross water, climb steep hills, carefully
maneuver his way downhill and go wherever you want to go.  His
ground manners are excellent and he is as sweet as can be. Othello will
stand quiet in the cross ties, to groom, bathe, clip, shoe, worm, saddle,
bridle... He is a level headed, mature and easy going horse.   Beginner
riders on up will love riding this horse
Age:  Othello         

Height: 14.3 H                 

Color:  Black w/ White Markings

Gender:  Gelding                 

Registered: KNGHA

: $ 6800