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Rebel is a beautiful, friendly, palomino and white gelding!  He is an absolute
sweetheart and a joy to ride!  Rebel has a wonderful disposition and  is
truly beautiful on the inside and out.  He has a heart of gold and a coat that
matches.  He has a  very friendly disposition and loves to be around
people.  Rebel has a  smooth flat walk, smooth running walk.  He is gentle,
calm and well behaved.  He makes his riders feel at ease.  Rebel is a very
gentle horse that is well trained and listens to his rider.  He stands still to
mount whether you are in an arena, out in the woods or up in the
mountains.  He will stand and wait while you get situated and then move
out when you ask him.  Rebel is content to walk along on the trail if you ask
him, he will get into his gait and gait all day for you.  He does not get
worked up and is very level headed.  Rebel goes out alone without looking
back and does not seem to be bothered by anything on the trail.  He gets
along great with other horses and is excellent in a group.  He has been in
the forests, mountains, down city streets and through the deserts and local
parks.  Rebel is very intelligent and also extremely sure footed.  This boy
doesn't miss a step.  Rebel has great ground manners and is patient to
halter, lead, groom, bathe, shoe, load/unload, clip...  He is a horse that just
about anyone can ride or learn to ride on.  He is patient and kind. Rebel has
a good mind and is not spooky acting at all.  He has been exposed to dogs,
winds, plastic bags, ATV's, bikes, traffic, wildlife, forests, country and city
life.   Advanced Beginners on up will enjoy this beautoful guy! He has every
quality than anyone looking for a forever horse wants.
Chance's Golden Rebel
Age:  7           

Height: 14.3 H                 

Color: Palomino & White

Gender: Gelding               

Registered: NSSHA

Price: $7800