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Storm is a beautiful grey and white gelding that is safe for the whole family
to enjoy.  He is white with dappled grey stockings.  He has a beautiful
head, kind dark eyes and a muscular, stocky build.  He is very
handsome!   He is kind hearted, and sweet. He is responsive and truly
wants to please his rider.  He has a very easy going personality. He has a
nice flat walk, and a super nice running walk combined with a stellar lope
to go with it all.  Storm will stand patiently to mount and then wait for you
to ask him to move out.  He is not in a rush to do anything but will respond
when you ask him to move out.  He is reliable, steady and mature. He has
been out in the mountains, in the country, down busy roads, past school
zones, in groups, out alone.  He is a level headed kind hearted and loving
horse that is a pleasure to be around.  He is a great horse all the way
around.  Storm is a been there done that horse who has been exposed to
traffic, ATV's, deer, turkeys, dogs, plastic bags, landscapers, leaf blowers,
wood chippers, strollers, skate boards,  high winds, water, bikes,
motorcycles, wildlife and city life.  He will stand quiet to mount/dismount,
bathe, clip, groom, tack up...  He is easy to handle and absolutely
wonderful to ride.  He trailers with ease and will hop on off without
thinking twice.  Storm is a safe, calm, dependable and enjoyable horse to
ride.   He will give you many years of dependable and pleasurable riding
and friendship.
Age:  8            

Height: 15.2  H                 

Color: Gray Roan

Gender:  Gelding                 

Registered: KNGHA

Price: $6800