Our goal is to match our great horses with loving homes.  
We believe in a no pressure atmosphere so that everyone who comes to our
ranch feels comfortable & enjoys a great experience.  
We offer exceptionally  well broke trail horses.  We enjoy putting smiles on even
the pickiest buyers faces.  Our horses are that good!  
We love our animal friends & pride ourselves in offering only the best care and
homes for them.  Come on out and meet everyone!
About Us & Our Sales Policies

Requires 20% down and will hold the horse of your choice for 5 days.  
The amount is non refundable but is transferable.  
The amount is applicable to the purchase price of said horse.
We will not accept a hold if another customer is booked to travel to visit with us within
the next 24 hours.

All horses have been examined by veterinarians prior to their arrival at our ranch.  
You are welcome you to have the vet of your choice* examine any of our horses
(at buyers cost).

At a point of disclosure and to avoid a conflict of interest
*Desert Pines Equine Clinic*

We guarantee all of our horses to be sound for trail and pleasure riding.  If you decide
to purchase a horse, we ask that you have your horse examined by a neutral third
party veterinarian prior to the horse leaving our facility.  If the veterinarian finds that
the horse is not sound for trail or pleasure riding we will give you a full refund.

We are not a shipping company but we do know several excellent shippers that take
excellent care of the horses they ship.  We are more than happy to make arrangements
or suggest shippers for you to have your new horse shipped directly to you.  We have
sold horses all across the US, Canada, Central America, Virgin Islands and Mexico.

We are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am until
2pm.  Our horses are shown by appointment only. We ask that you make an
appointment so that we can give you our full attention when you visit.  We also ask
that the decision maker be present for any appointments.  We will not show our
horses to unauthorized decision makers (trainers must be accompanied by
purchaser).  When you are ready to find your new equine companion please contact
us.  Many people want to visit and have no intention of buying a horse or plan on
buying a horse within a year from the date.  It is a waste of our and your time to show
you horses that will not be available a year from now.  We ask that you be ready to
purchase a horse during your visit in order to make an appointment with us.
We are more than happy to show our horses to serious buyers only.  
We thank you in advance for respecting our time.
We have a large arena on our property available for 'test riding'.  The arena provides
ample space for customers to test personality, behavior, and training of a horse.  We
are not insured as a 'trail riding rental operation/ Dude Ranch', and therefore do not
risk the liability of allowing customers to take our horses off of our property and out of
a controlled environment.  We are located in a very dense, residential, high traffic area
and expose our horses to this environment daily.  For your safety and the safety of our
horses we provide videos of our horses in these extreme riding conditions.   
Our horses are TRAIL horses, riding on the trails is a walk in the park compared to
their normal exercise and exposure.  

We are ethical and responsible people who care about our horses, customers and our
business.  It is our number one priority to place our horses in loving homes and to
have satisfied customers.  Most of our sales are due to referrals and repeat customers,
who are primarily Internet shoppers who have heard of us through friends and family.  
We have been successful because we treat people the way we would want to be
treated.  If you have been watching our site or visited us on Facebook then you most
likely know that we are true horse lovers and only offer top quality horses.  

We have sold well over 400 horses and have been blessed with our success.  
We strive to make all of our customers happy.  We have an A Rating with the Better
Business Bureau which testifies to our excellent reputation.

We do not allow trials or returns.  Horses are not robots or machines that are
programmable and infallible.  We love our horses and care for their well being.  When
you decide to purchase a horse you are making a commitment to care for that animal.  
We provide numerous videos of our horses so you can see their behavior in normal
everyday pleasure and trial riding.  We have nothing to hide and everything to show.
That is why we have successfully placed hundreds of horses in new homes to
customers buying sight unseen.   There are no refunds once you purchase a horse.  
We also will not ship our horses on a trial basis.  It is unethical and cruel to the horse
to make them go through the stress of shipments and a new environment.  Horses are
living, breathing, gifts from God.  If you make a commitment to care for one of our
horses we expect you to honor it.  We do our best and have been very successful at
matching our horses with riders.  We ask that you call us and talk to us about your
needs honestly and openly so that we can help match you with an appropriate horse.  
We want both you and your new horse to be happy!

Our goal is happiness for both horse and rider.  

We have an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau and
are proud of our extremely high rate of customer
Please review our testimonial page.
Dreamwalker Ranch, LLC is a BBB Accredited Horse Dealer in Las Vegas, NV