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Gunner  is a sharp looking tobiano gelding with lots of style!  He is a
looker!  Gunner has a beautiful jet black coat with beautiful markings.  He
has a thick and long mixed mane and a thick tail to match. Gunner has a
nice build and great confirmation.  He has a beautiful face with kind dark
eyes and a sweet look about him.  He is a  beautiful horse to look at and
a great horse to ride!  He is a horse that loves to go out and explore on
the trails!  He has been ridden in the country, through the hills, down
busy roads and in the mountains.  Gunner has been a trail horse all his
life and is trustworthy and not spooky acting in the slightest bit.  He has
a nice  personality and is easy to handle on the ground and in the
saddle.  On top of his great disposition Gunner is super smooth to ride
and gentle.  He has a  slow walk, a nice flat walk and a  smooth running
walk which he can perform at different speeds as well.  He is very easy
going and is not in a rush to do anything.  Gunner is happy to just walk
along all day along but will get up into his gait for you when you as him
to as well.  He is a pleaser and  will do what he is asked when you ask
him.  He stands to mount, walks out on a loose rein,  listens to leg and
verbal cues, backs up, rides great bareback, goes out  alone and is great
in a group. He is  confident and is not bothered by distractions on the
trail.  He loads and unloads easily and trailers like a pro.  Gunner is easy
to halter, lead, groom, bathe, tack up, worm, he gets along great with
other horses...  He is a true trail horse that will cross water, climb steep
hills and carefully maneuver his way down.  He is very sure footed and
does not miss a step.  He leads, follows, stays behind  and is great to
ride day or night on the trail.  He is a wonderful companion on the trail
and is fun to ride in the arena too.  Gunner like all of our horses has been
exposed to traffic, bikes, dogs, plastic bags, deer, turkeys, cows, farm
animals,  ATV's...  He has a very sensible mind and a willing attitude.  
Gunner is a gentle and forgiving easy going horse that is well suited for
adult beginners on up.  He is solid on the trail and very smooth to ride.
Age: 7                         

Height: 15H                 

Color: Black Tobiano           


Registered: KNGHA

Price: $6800