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Dream Walker Ranch
Not a day goes by that we don't thank the Lord
for the joy he has brought us through our love of horses.  
We have met hundreds of wonderful people and introduced them to
their trail partner and forever friends.  
We absolutely love our horses, ranch and home!  
Thanks you to all of our friends and family who love and support us.  
You make this business a labor a love  and a dream come true.
~Jenn & Matt
Matt and Jenn
Matt and Stryder (Sired by Prides Generator).
When we are out riding with our friends we refer to Stryder as
Matt's Rocket because they both like to GO!
Jenn (on the right) and her Mom, Dad and brother Mike.  This was
Mike's first time on a horse.   Jenn is the only "horse crazy"
person in the family. Her family will always hop on one of our
horses to make her happy when they visit.
Well this picture is of Jenn laughing after she rolled off her horse.  
We went for a long ride in TN and were stopped on a steep bluff.  
Jenn saddle started to roll, she kept trying to straighten it out and
then plop she went on the ground.  
It's always a good fall when you can get up and laugh!
When we get a day off on the weekend you will find us out with friends
riding our horses at Mt. Charleston, Nevada.
Matt and our boy Magic's Prince Go Boy.
We love him dearly.
Riding with friends and family at Red Rock Canyon State Park in NV.
Christy is always ready to ride and the horses loves her!
Jenn and her boyfriend Lestat.
Jenn's favorite past TWH World Grand Champion Main Power.
What a beauty!
Jenn's first ride on our once stallion Magic's Prince GoBoy.  
This is back when he has was a padded horse.
Matt relaxing with the boys on a lazy afternoon.
Here is a common place to find Jenn along our trail rides.  
Down a steep hill with a video camera.  Yelling "come on down"!
Matt's mom and Splash.  After only riding a few days she and
Splash won some ribbons at our fun show.
Patti on Bounty Hunter and Jenn on Cimmy riding to Floyd Lamb Park on a
beautiful Sunday.
Christy is always up for a photo op.  
"Hey Christy turn around for a picture". Click.
Matt's sister Sandy on her first trail ride ever.
She did great!
Matt's  father stops for a picture with Silver
at Red Rock Canyon State Park.  
Matt's brother Luke and Liberty.
She was a horse I wish I kept for myself.
Matt's brother Chris and Ambassador.
Matt and Jenn
Freezing at Bryce Canyon, Ut.
Jenn clowning around with Angelo.
Matt is stealing a kiss from Jenn
at Zion National Park after a day of hiking.
Christy and Charger at Mt. Charleston, NV.
Matt and Jenn riding in TN.
Jenn and Magic's Prince GoBoy at Mt. Charleston
Enjoying our Tennessee Walking Horses at Mt. Charleston.
Christy our trainer and Matt out riding.
Jenn and the equine love of her life Magic Prince Go Boy
Matt and his mare Aurora.