Sold Horses
Here at Dream Walker Ranch we make sure our Tennessee Walking Horses are exposed to all the things you would want your horse rode around cars,
tractors, ATV's, motorcycles, etc.  They are exposed to as many different obstacles as possible to develop the best horses around. Our trail rides start in
Tennessee with emphasis on confidence.  Our Walking Horses are taken through the forests
and mountains, country roads, creeks, exposed to farm animals,
and whatever the countryside offers.  We then take them through the suburbs and deserts here in Las Vegas.  We expose our Tennessee Walking Horses to the many
distractions found in Las Vegas (Ex. Wide open terrain, sidewalks, schools getting out, dogs, bikes, traffic, motorcycles, high winds, plastic bags, flags...)  Unlike many
others out there selling Tennessee Walking Horses we trailer our horses out to challenging areas.  We ride our horses in the deserts and in the mountains.  Some other
websites advertise that they have "trail horses" but they only ride the same trails.  
We challenge our horses so that when you take them home you know you can take them anywhere.  
Our horses are exposed to as many experiences on the trail as possible to develop a calm trustworthy trail mount.  
You get the best of both worlds with our trail horses.
Our Tennessee Walking Horses for sale and Spotted Saddle Horses for sale are "Town and Country experienced."  
Matt and I are not professional horse traders or trainers.  Riding these wonderful horses is our pleasure and how we choose to enjoy our life.  When you call or visit
with us you will talk directly with Jenn or Matt.   The horses we represent on our site are of those we would personally keep.  I would love to keep them all!  
Our Tennessee Walking Horses are well trained, trail experienced, have champion pedigree and are 100% sound.   Buying a horse should not be a scary thing, but
unfortunately there are too many less than honest people out there trying to get rid of their problems.  We only keep horses here that we are proud to show and trust
with our loved ones.  We strive to provide the best possible match for horse and rider!  We search out only the best trail horses and turn down 50 for every one horse
we decide to call our own.  Our Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses are not from sales, brokers, auctions and are not trade ins'.  Our horses are
carefully selected and purchased from individual owners that we  know.   After I broke my back 15 years ago on a green broke horse, I will not get on any horse unless
it truly is well trained, experienced, calm and broke.  Life is too short to ride a problem horse.  Our Tennessee Walking Horses have to be good enough to be our own
personal horse. Come ride them and see for yourself.  
It simply is not worth putting our health, name and reputation at risk to have anything but well trained, calm, exceptional  Tennessee Walking  horses that we would
trust our family members and loved ones on available here.  All of our  horses are available to seen at our home/ranch for you to experience and ride.  Please feel free
to come out, meet us, and get to know our wonderful gaited horses.  
We ask you to make an appointment so we can give you 100% of our attention.
Feel free to call or email us anytime.  We love matching wonderful people with great horses.  We've done it hundreds of times!
Dreamwalker Ranch, LLC is a BBB Accredited Horse Dealer in Las Vegas, NV