"Hi 'guys'...
Thought I'd send this pic of Night at "work".  He's the BEST!!!!!  "


"I wish his slick, unbelievably shiny coat showed in the pic....he is SUCH a
joy and pleasure. I know he reads my mind too :)) He's one of the newest
on the "team" and yet does the BEST....He's FEARLESS!! THANK you
sooooo much for the opportunity to be this fantastic horse's "partner"!!!!"

"I bought Silver from you on Father's Day 2010. I have been trail riding all over the Dayton
Valley & Washoe Valley desert areas. Anything we come across we treat it as an obstacle to
test. We attended our first "de-spooking" clinic last weekend. Water, tarps, logs, bridges, cans,
paper & plastic bags were nothing to Silver. Even a truck loaded with barking snapping dogs
inches off of his hindquarters were ignored. The best challenge was the gauntlet, poles with
pool noodles sticking out, tarps, tires, car wash with road flares, bales of straw on fire, & blade
flags for the horses to walk through. Silver came to the fire, stopped and looked at it, I gave
him the command to continue forward and went straight through without hesitation. I was
humbled by Silver in the trust he has shown me.
Thank You for such an awesome horse!"
Mary -4/16/2012

Hi Jenn!  I have ridden Joey[renamed Strider] nearly every day since I brought him home.  We go out in to
the desert,  have even seen a coyote and made friends with a herd of 5 wild donkeys. Every day is an
adventure cuz Strider prefers to make his own path
rather than follow the trails made by others.  He is so incredibly sure-footed, we go up and down steep
hills, in and out of ravines.  He makes me feel so confident in the saddle. Sometimes I think I must be
dreaming, he is so perfect; and I am so very, very happy.  
You have given me such a gift, thank you."
Thought you might like these pictures of us and the boys. I know you have followed us n
facebook. But just wanted to drop you a line and let you know just how much we are enjoying
Kidd ( AKA) Kidd Rock and Paladin (AKA) Pal/Tonoto on the trails. He loves to lead the way.
These guys are rock stars. We have taken them on lots of trails seen deer, cows, turkeys and
gone done to the lake also Pal will go anywhere I ask him and usually winds up in the lead
doing things no one else in our groups horse wants to do. Once Pal does it Kidd is right
behind him then the rest follow. Oh by the way Pal is in charge of the herd when turned out in
the big pasture as well. No one can believe he is just 5. Kidd is just as loving as can be and a
good solid horse. Rob loves him to death. They are quite the pair.
Take care chat soon.
Rob & Lori."
"Bounty & JJ are loving their new digs. We love them so much.
Thank you for being in our lives and bringing us our boys."
Patty and Scott
" Hi Jenn,
I have been meaning to write you to give you an update on my horses.
I bought two horses from you, Charmer, who I call Suave, and Pepper, who I call Magic.
Suave is great and happy and gorgeous, and settled into his new home. He is a great horse
and a joy to ride. I just can't get over how beautiful he is, and so smart....He accepts me as
his human, and we spend wonderful times together.
But the surprise is Magic (Pepper), who has finally come out of his shell after several years
of grieving over the loss of his previous home, which obviously was a happy one.  He has
finally decided he wants to be the perfect horse for me, and he is. I do not let anyone else
ride him, as he likes one person to bond with in his life. He has now chosen me, and we are
great together. He is everything you said he was and more, but it did take a while. I know it
was me, as I was a beginner and a bit intimidated by a push button horse, as I did not know
the buttons to push.   It was difficult for both of us at first.  He is so happy now, and loves to
go out on trail rides....where he really shines.  I call him the scout. He leads, and finds his
way through all sorts of overgrown trails, and is so proud of himself.  I would call him a late
bloomer, but well worth the wait to get a horse like this.... His gaits are smooth and
smoother, all on a loose rein,  great ground manners, and neck reins too!  Finally, this horse
loves his home, and he loves me.....What an amazing feeling to be loved and accepted  by a
horse!  I will not be in the market for another horse for quite a while, and will not be selling
any of mine.....  But I wanted to say thanks for all that you do. There are so many horses
looking for forever homes, and you help them find that. What a great service for the horses
and their people. I just learned that sometimes, horses can take a while to adjust to their new
homes, and being patient with mine sure paid off!

Wishing you continued success in your business,
"Hey Jenn,
Long time no talk! I still check out your website weekly and am currently in love
with the big Mare, “Marilyn Monroe”. We must get a Palomino next, but I think
the 16 hands are a bit daunting for Alessandra. If you recall, our boy is 16 hands
and he is a giant! I just wanted to update you as I make the transition from a
complete greenhorn to a potentially “advanced beginner.” It took about six
months before our boy finally adjusted to all of the abrupt changes in his life and
fully realized that we were his new owners and he calmed down out on
the trail. We had a big break-through about a month and a half ago… literally at
the six month point… where he went out with another horse he has made friends
with and he was a total gentleman the entire ride. Since then he is a complete
delight! Also my confidence has increased and I know that one feeds off of the
other so we are finally a wonderful fit. Don’t get me wrong…he was always a
complete sweetheart with impeccable ground manners, but now he lets us kiss
him, loves cuddles, and follows me around like a puppy dog. A total
sweetheart! No more spookiness. He leads, follows and occasionally goes out
alone (but it’s more fun with others).
We moved him from the South end of town to a friend’s small boarding facility
about six miles up the Mt. Charleston turn off. He gets much more personal
attention from the owners and gets turned out every day. The people that own it
have seven horses of their own and I can really tell the difference in quality
between the horse we got from you and their horses. No contest. Our boy wins
hands down. Worth every penny. We are madly in love with him. The only down
side is that, due to the long commute, we are only able to get up there
once or twice a week. Not nearly enough. But we try to make up for it by spoiling
him and babying him to the extreme when we are there. We both look forward to
the day when we can take him to our property in Spokane , WA and can keep him
on our own 40 acres and add to the herd. We hope to do that with another
purchase or two from one of your amazing horses.

Thank you so much once again for introducing us to “Gandhi” (or as you knew
him “Apache”). He is the worlds sweetest horse and we will cherish him for the
rest of his - or our lives - (at 50-years-old he may outlive me). Sorry with hitting
you with this email from out of the blue. It is just that I had such an amazing day
with him today and I can’t believe the bond that I have formed with him and that I
am now actually a cowboy! I thought it was time to send you an update. I will
probably do that from time to time. If you ever get another one like him please let
us know. Another gelding around the same age and temperament as him.

Nice chatting to you,
Steve and Alessandra La-Sky"
Hi Jenn!
We just love Tuscan Sun, alias, SUNNY!
He is fitting just wonderful at our farm. He can see the other 2 horses,(that's all we
have!) but is kept separate for now. He is taken out now for about 25 minutes morning
and night to graze on pasture. Needless to say, he loves that!! I have ridden him 3
times now, just around in our arena. Want him to get adjusted to the area here,
different sounds, smells, and etc. By the way, your transport people, were just GREAT,
Bonnie and James! Sunny came off the trailer looking just great. Just a little rubbing of
the hair on the hocks from the trainer I suppose. I am clearing that up with antibiotic.
It's doing great. I have sooo much company to see him!They all think he is handsome."
"He's got it made here!  
Just thought you might be  curious!
Hi Jenn!

I purchased Illusive Dream back in March of this year.  I’m sorry I haven’t written to
you before now but I wanted to let you know about his new life in the Hoosier state.
He adjusted very quickly to his new surroundings and really is a “dream” to have
around.  He’s the sweetest fella one could ever ask for.  If I go to the barn he always
comes up to see what’s going on.  He loves to be brushed and fussed over.  I also
found his special “itchy spot”.  It’s hilarious to see him stretch out his neck, turn his
head and curl up his lip.  You can just tell it feels so good!  I would also say he’s
about as “bomb proof” as a horse can be.  Nothing seems to bother or startle him.  
On the 4th of July our neighbor put on a fireworks display that would rival just about
anything you’d see anywhere.  Dream’s stall and outside run face that direction.  I
was a little concerned about how he’d take all the hoopla. (A few years ago I was up
with one until 2 am because he was a complete basket case and I was afraid he’d
colic, he’s no longer with us by the way.)  When the noise started Dream stood with
his body in the stall and his head sticking out the door just watching.  More curious
than anything I think and maybe enjoying the show J.  The ruckus went on for 30-45
minutes and he barely flinched even at the loudest boom.  What a guy!  He loads
wonderfully, stands quietly for the farrier, didn’t flinch when he got his vaccinations
and the list goes on and on!  I just couldn’t be happier with him and have wished
many times I’d come to you first.  If I ever need another horse you’re the one I’m
coming to!  Thanks, again, for such a beautiful boy!
Nancy "
I saw some of the language additions to your website and it compelled me to
comment.  I will say that today I rode with an old trail buddy of mine- we ride
ANYWHERE.  Quiet trails, bust highways- you name it , we do it.  Today we rode on
an extremely busy road near a state forest (where we could have ridden on
completely predictable trails).  I have been busy for the last 4 months getting a new
office for my husband's law practice up and running.  Consequently, I have not
ridden much lately.  Today, and as always, Rock Star performed beautifully.  I find it
funny when he "worries" about a guard rail along the highway, yet he does what I
ask him to do.  I have asked him to walk out onto a long, narrow dock on a lake- my
friend's horses would not go.  He went, I'm not saying it wasn't a little "work" to get
him to trust that I wasn't putting us in danger- but that is expected with certain
situations.  Part of riding, to me, is learning how to manipulate your trusted
steed-and getting them to trust you- I WELCOME any adverse situation and
challenge him to rise to the occasion.
With that said, when I purchased Rock Star from you I expected a "reliable" trail
mount.  Not a show horse (although he is stunning in the arena) but a partner that I
could trust.  At first I wasn't sure that I got exactly what I was looking for, but over
time I have appreciated the opportunity to own one of the finest trail mounts I could
ask for.  I have been the "victim" (by my own fault) of not knowing what is
important with the type of horse that would meet my needs.  Instead, I thought "a
horse is a horse" and that is absolutely a mistake.  When I became "educated" I
reached out to you and have the BEST (not perfect) horse for me.  He is so much
FUN and I just LOVE HIM to death!!  I thank you for helping me to choose him over
your old trail mount Cimmaron (who was much more experienced as it turned
out) than Rock Star was- but we are enjoying the journey together.  
He is my forever friend.
Lisa Butash
owner of Rock Star since 2009"

"Here is a picture of my first ride on Blue Ribbon Bandit, along with my(84 years
young) mom’s first ride last weekend.
Thanks again for the guidance in finding the right horse.
Mark Hannifin, Midland TX

The other picture is my first ride in Camelot, our first horse from you.

"Hi Jenn,
I just wanted to let you know I am having fun with my new horse!  He passed three
critical tests today that I didn't even set him up for.  I got home from the grocery
store just in time to see the two little girls of a friend run out in the pasture to love
on Raven.  He turned toward them and accepted all their loving.  The second thing
was that my australian shepherd (who knows not to chase the horses) ran
into the pasture and tried to herd Raven.  He did not kick out at her.  Just looked at
her and went about his business of eating!  Then a truck went by loudly using his
jake brake...two other horses ran away from the noise, but Raven just watched the
truck drive by.  I feel really lucky to get him delivered before the news about the
virus hit.  People are closing down horse shows all over the place.  Thank you so
much for doing what you do to get these wonderful horses out to people like me.  
Becky "

"It's been almost 5 months since our new horse arrived. He has settled in well
despite 57 inches of rain so far, several good snows for our elevation(2200 ft). It"s
finally starting to warm up and dry out here, but there is still 15 ft of snow on the
mountain. His gait is super smooth, and he will go anywhere you ask him. The
pictures are from a local reservoir at a lower elevation.  When Sally is ready for a
new horse, we will surely come see you again.
Hope you are all well, Happy Easter!
Sally & Jerry Nadler "
"Hi Jenn & Matt,

Stormy and I had the most amazing trail ride yesterday afternoon.  The weather
wasn't cooperating when we left and I considered not going due to the hail and
wind but Stormy seemed to be excited.  On our 2 hour trail ride Stormy was a
champ! We went down into a small canyon and loped in the sandy dunes.  He was
amazing.  He took both leg and neck ques and didn't miss a step.  Stormy even
got kicked by another horse when passing and he remained so calm and kept
right on track.  When we returned to the barn it was sunny and beautiful out.  

Stormy is an amazing horse and my best friend.  Thanks to your Ranch I have
regained my confidence in riding after a bad experience.  To anyone who is
considering purchasing a horse from Matt & Jenn they have the best quality
horses who are healthy and well trained.  I don't have any buyers remorse and in
fact plan to purchase another horse from you in the future.  
Venus Koki

"Hey Jenn and Matt,

"I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know how happy we are with
Stormy.  He is an absolute delight!  I have been spending time with
him everyday and increasing my confidence and he hasn't gotten sick of me yet.  
We start our riding lessons on Monday and I am beyond excited.  Thanks so
much for all your hospitality and letting us take our time to pick the perfect
horse.  I am so pleased that we bought from you guys.  You really do have a great
operation and couldn't be more knowledgeable.  I wish you guys much success
and we will definitely be back to buy a horse for Gordy!

Thanks again,
Venus Koski"
Hi Jenn,
Oh my gosh--what a great horse I got!  Tango arrived this morning about 8:30
and,except for needing to leave the barn for a little while,I just got home. Tango
has fit right in. He already nickers at me and "calls out" to other horses. He's
amazing--mellow,sweet,content,gorgeous.  I didn't ride (even though I REALLY
wanted to). We just walked all around, and Tango also spent time eating in his
stall/paddock,time in the arena and round pen with other horses,and he loved
having me brush him. Such a gentleman-he stays in "his space' when we walk
and gets along with all the other horses! What a gem!  Thanks for the info,Jenn,
about feed.  LOVE at first sight. WOW,I am soooo happy with my guy!!  I will have
my husband or one of my daughters take pictures,when I ride him,and I'll get
them to you!THANK YOU for finding me the best "Tango" partner!!
Hugs,Jill  " 4/8/2011
"Hi Jenn,
I could have named him Cadillac--he's so smooth!!  My husband rode him today.
Mike is a good rider but he doesn't ride much anymore cause his
hips bother him when he rides (quarter horses). But,wow,he was SO impressed
with Tango. I couldn't get him off of him!  Mike said the same thing the guy,Mitch,
who trailered Tango said,"You got yourself a good horse!"  Mike did take
pictures so we will get them to you sometime this weekend!  
Thanks so much! He's the best!
Blessings, Jill Cooper  4/15/2011
Hi Jenn,
"I have been trying to NOT send you an email each day saying "Latte is
wonderful - what a good boy - amazing mellow guy - I just love him!". Seriously,
what a catch! I have been riding him everyday (actually someone told me today
to stop riding him so much since he is a baby) and he has NEVER even startled!
Sat we rode for hours in the strong wind through trees - sand - flags flying at the
entrance- trees blowing then on to a bluff- even took a shortcut back past a
treatment plant (think lots of fountains and noise) and he was perfect! With me
at the helm! He was great on the trail going over or through whatever I asked.
whoo hoo! So now we are practicing for the obstacle coarse event I signed us up
for and the ride to the winery (I heard so far 70 people are signed up so I am a
little freaked about that). He is getting much more flexible but is not too happy
about all the ground work - but he sure tries hard! I am having trouble keeping
him in the gait (he wants to canter) but at this point I don't even care.

Thank you! I hope all is well!
Marney and Latte "
"Hi Jenn,
just 'wanted every one at the ranch to know that "Ranger" aka "Dr Seuss" is doing super. I
have taken him out on two trail rides since his arrival last Friday and he is wonderful. Calm
cool and collected, this horse seems to think about every step before he takes it....and what a
gait!...he floats over the ground and he covers distance so fast it's unbelievable. He is sweet
and gentle and seems to love people and being around them. Nothing seems to spook him,
not even a leaf blower! He's the horse I was looking for  and I couldn't be happier. Ranger is
eating well and it won't be long before he has filled out nice....
.I'll send you along some photo's soon.
Hope all is well at the Ranch!
take care ,

Richard "
Just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying The Witch Doctor, Doc. We
are sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet you when we were there. We have been
thrilled with this little guy. He is like a puppy, following us around, greeting our
car when we drive in, just couldn’t be sweeter. He checked out great with the
vet. He said he’s never seen such a great disposition on a horse, esp. one his
age! He even filed his teeth, and Doc just stood there, didn’t phase him a bit!  
Joel took him on a 3 hour ride up in the hills with another horse, and Doc was
perfect. He misses being around other horses, and we are anxious for our 2
horses to arrive March 8. Then he will have some buddies. What a smooth,
beautiful gait, and just the answer for Joel with his back issues. We were
concerned about riding him with non gaited horses, but he did great on
the trail ride with another quarter horses. Followed right behind, and his gait
wasn’t an issue at all.  We are glad we found you, and him. I referred my friend
Holly Brown to you. Think she has already contacted you.
Thanks, and we will stay in touch, and may be back for another walker up the
road!  Teri and Joel Burnham"


" I absolutely LOVE Finish Line!  He is a gem of a ride! Just what I wanted.
Thank You
"Hi there!

Just want to let you know that Angel( renamed Blue Denim) is feeling much better and eating well.
Buckshot( renamed Camelot) is doing great too. We rode them today for the first time on the busy
streets with construction going on, dogs barking, winds blowing like crazy, and
passed by a wild bird farm with not one spook! Heather and I adore our boys and will  be sending
some pictures of our adventures soon.
Thank you so much for finding our dream horses!

"Hey Jenn,
I'm sorry this has taken so long we decided to acquire more land and develop it to move as soon as
possible.  Bambi has been a Dream! She's adjusted well, We Trail ride probably everyday when it's
not raining and beach ride on weekends!
She absolutely loves it! Thank you so much!

" I Love your horses! & I am so happy that your site was pointed out to me! For someone with My
Back problems,
Bambi is everything I Have ever needed and She will be with me to the end! She greets me when i
get to the barn, She rides SO smooth that no
other horse around here can compare! She loves to go swimming with me in the lake in her
enclosure, I mean Honestly I Could Not Have asked
for a better best friend then her!
Thank you So Much Jenn!"  
Hope everything is going good for you, just wanted to give you update, we went to the
state park and rode with some other horses for about 12 miles and practiced doing some
obstacles for her CTR ride debut, and she did great. When we got there she did a lot of
talking, I never heard her talk so much :)  Here's a few examples of what we did:  
Crossed wooded bridge, that creaks and etc.  Crossed a stream with the water up to her
belly.  We had to cross over some logs that were pretty good size and up off the ground.
Went up & down some pretty  steep hills with logs and water crossing at the bottom.  
Crossed a watered area with beavers and of course the mighty beaver dam.  We had fun
!!!!!! I know I did, hopefully she did!!!!!  The only thing she wasn't crazy about was
loading into the small straight load trailer. We took some pictures this week-end, but we
haven't got them downloaded on the computer yet.
Again thanks for such a great horse!!!!!!!!"
"Hi Jenn,
Thought I would send you a note.  I looked at the calendar today and noticed that volt
has been with me for a month already.  Wow!  Volt is pretty happy.  He's had a easy
day of going out doors for 1/2 the day and coming in to enjoy his food and finding his
place with all of these crazy arabians.  I purchased the imus saddle and equipment
about 2 weeks ago.  So we are getting to know about the gaited equipment.  I had the
vet come out last week and take care of his teeth and the shoes will be this week.  
So.....we covered everything from head to tail.  Volt is getting to know both myself and
my daughter well and I am pleased with the results.  I have started riding lessons and
will be on Volt more and more on the weeks ahead.  Heather has enjoyed riding him
with her bareback saddle.  We have focused on not letting him pace off too much and
more on control to the walk,flat walk, running walk only.  Soon, Jason from H & H Farm
from Connecticut will be coming out to assist with Volt.  Jason's farm is mostly TW's.  
He has already seen and ridden Volt.  Jason mentioned a few times that Volt has great
qualities that will make a super trail companion.  He got right on him the first day and
put him through his gaits just that quick.  I like to surround myself with as much
resources as I can so that this relationship is off to a solid start.  Volt and Heather's
Horse "Holly" have started to turn the corner of friendship.  She still has her
ears in flat mode with a little lip of of teeth but less and less of this.  Soon we will begin
trailer preparations for both horses together! After that, it's off to the trails of New
England.  I will send a video soon with me actually riding Volt.  How great that will be!  
Thats the update for now."
Thanks again.  Holly
"Hi Jenn,
Just wanted to say Merry Christmas from Titan and the Ross"s in West Virginia, hope
you had a great Christmas and things are doing well. I have been wanting to call but
thought you were really busy selling for Christmas as I still look at all the horses you
have for sale and it looks as though you have been really doing well selling. I wish my
husband would get another horse for trail riding so I still watch your web sight
regularly.,his horse is an excellent show horse but sometimes he doesn't like certain
places.I think if he make him do it more he would do ok, he doesn't want
to upset him. It just takes him a little while to get use to a new place. I watch you web
and think maybe something will come up that he falls in love with like I did Titan. He is
gaining his weight back and is a sweet heart. Synetta, my friend made me an 8 by 10 of
his photo you had on your webb for Christmas and we just hung it over our fire place,
makes me feel a little bad as he's been here 3 weeks and is posted on our wall and the
others aren't yet, but now I plan to have them done. We had a really nice one of Dolly
my husband's horse that he lost in the stable fire but it hurt him to look at it so I had to
take it down,we do have a charcoal of her and Laddy my retired show horse in our
living room wall. Well I'd better go just thought I'd wish both you a Merry Christmas
and say Thank You for a great horse and I would recommend your horses to anyone,
oh by the way my husband thinks he great to.
Have a good one   
"Hi Jenn,

I keep looking at all the beautiful horses you post on your website. Unfortunately, I
have to tell you that I already purchased the most wonderful and perfect horse from
you already! Blue Skies is my dream horse. You know he wasn't the first horse I
chose to ride, but as soon as I got on his back, I knew he was the one for me. His
"horsenality" makes me laugh all the time and I have to say that I like just hanging out
with him as much as riding him. He is always trying to "help" me when I clean out his
corral. The only problem is that his idea of helping is either to put his head on
my back while I am bent over or to grab the end of the rake handle. He had no
baggage that I have to overcome, he is simply sweet, trusting, open, playful, smart
and drop dead gorgeous! To top that off with a smooth-as-silk gait, he is the best
horse I could have asked for. I was hoping to find my forever trail companion when I
went to visit. I am so happy to say I found so much more.I will recommend to anyone
looking for a great horse to contact you. They will not be disappointed."  "I don't
know how you find these great horses, but however you do it, keep it up. I know I
have the absolute best one, but I'm sure other people will find their dream horse too."
Thanks again,
Christine Trombley
and Blue Skies
"What a day! Flashy arrived in wonderful condition. He is even more gorgeous in person
than in the pictures! He gets along fabulously with our other gelding too and is enjoying the
big pasture he is in. I gave him a few hours to settle in and then I couldn't resist the urge to
saddle up, and what a ride! I haven't had so much fun on a horse in at least two years as I
did today riding Flashy for the first time. He definitely has a little motor in him like you said
but he is also completely controllable and safe. I just adored him and I know it will just get
better with each new ride!  Thank you so much for Flashy! I know he'll be my faithful
companion for years to come!
- Jenny
PS: I've attatched some pics for ya!"
"It’s about time I gave my thank you to Jenn and Matt for my riding buddy Beau Jackson (aka
Spiderman). I can’t thank them enough for having a good eye and sense of judgment when it
comes to picking horses.  I was able to stay in the area and spend three days riding Beau
before I bought him. Jenn and Matt were very hospitable and I never once felt pressured.  I
have had Beau now for six months. He is my dream horse.
He just turned four. He is smart, confident, friendly and funny….. at age 53 I just wanted a
reliable trail horse. I got that and so much more.   We have had a total blast exploring new trail
and enjoying my new hobby, horse camping. I got a quality horse, from quality people.
Thank you, Jenn, Matt and Christy.
Patti  ( San Diego)"
Dear Jenn,

"Do you remember your TWH Sunrise?  We have had Sunrise more than a year now and I
could not be more pleased.   He has been everything you advertised and your
recommendation of him for me (a beginner) was perfect.   I have come a long way in my
riding skill and confidence because of Sunrise and his personality which was a good fit for
me.   My 60th birthday was yesterday and at 16 hands he's a challenge to mount but I'm
doing fine.  My wife and I laugh about what it might be like in about 3 or 4 years at which
time I might need to "downsize."   When that happens I'll be in touch knowing I can count
on you to match me up with a smaller horse.....though I can't imagine riding without my
good buddy Sunrise.   
Jenn, thanks so much for being instrumental in helping me find the right horse which has
made my adventure into horseback riding so enjoyable
and Dream Walker Ranch to others.  Blessings to you!"

Michael J. Krupa
Nicholasville, Kentucky

"We took Nugget for a ride last night. When I approached his stall, he put his head over the
gate and practically put on his harness by himself.  He was really patient while I put his gear
on, and was really eager to hit the trail. We went on a trail that had some difficult places.  He
was careful going down steep hills and smooth as silk going up. He is going to make me a
better rider.  When he could see the house I let him gate home.  He is wonderful. I Love Him!
Thanks, Susan from NM."

"Jenn  (where you find the best Tennessee Walkers ever!!! ) We are so happy - I love him so
much .. and keep pinching myself to see if it is real ... Dreams do come true!! He truly is the
horse you said he was ... Thank you too and we cannot wait to come out to your
Ranch and meet you guys and take a nice trail ride!!!! "
Betty from NY

"This email is long overdo!!  We hope all is well in Las Vegas with you and your
family, and that business has been well.  John, the girls and I have been having
such a fantastic time with our new family members.  Our riding experiences have
been so wonderful.  We appreciate and enjoy our time with Cimi, D, Kodi and
Copper!  We've picked a few pictures from a recent ride to share with you.  We
hope you enjoy them!  They seem to love the open spaces and they get along so
well.  John and I are finalizing the design of a new equine center that will include
six stalls, two wash stations, a tack room, and rider dressing area and a covered
arena.  I'll do better at updating you on events and photos of the boys!  We
appreciate you taking the time to work with John and I and matching us up with
some truly special animals.  We love them!
Thanks again!
Peni "
I Purchased a 7 year old Spotted Saddle Horse from Jenn on April 24th, 2010. I
flew to Las Vegas and drove the 20 minutes to her Ranch, arriving at 9:30 am.
The ranch was well organized, very clean and the horses were all clean and well
fed. The horse I ended up buying, Chocolate Chip, was in his stall and did not
appear to have been warmed up or exercised in any way earlier in the morning.
Jenn met me as I walked into the gate, the best choice for me to try. He was
brought from the Stall and I was allowed to saddle him, this assured me that he
was as calm and well mannered as advertised, and then took him to the arena.
We walked, discussed the best ways to sit and use light rein contact for a gaited
horse verses the way I have always ridden Quarter horses. I then gaited and
gave Chip a chance to get used to me. We then went out and rode through a
park, vacant fields and down the road with traffic. They encouraged me to do
and go through everything I had seen on the videos. Jenn and
the trainer spent the COMPLETE day with me, allowing me to un-saddle, wash
down and brush Chip, then re-saddle and do it all again. I know I am being wordy
but I can’t express enough the personal attention and concern I was shown. This
also applied to the horse. I am sure if they felt Chip was not comfortable with me,
I would have been told to perhaps try another horse. I did not leave Dream
Walker Ranch until after 5:00 pm (missed my flight and had to rebook) and I am
sure they would have spent more time with me if I felt I needed. They helped me
arrange transportation for Chip to his forever home with me before I left the
ranch. Not only was I treated with respect and concern, I really felt the overall
concern that the match was right, the horse was exactly as advertised and
nothing was hidden or unspoken. Chip has been perfect from the day he arrived
at my home, we have been on the trail and worked the arena every day for the
past two weeks and I have yet to find a problem, unless him following me around
when I am cleaning his corral is considered a problem. He has even been to local
team sorting and got into moving the cows before his first night was over. I can
honestly say that all my friends had concerns about me buying a younger horse,
a gaited horse and especially from some “Dude Ranch” in Las Vegas , as I am 63
years old. So I went alone and fell in love with this horse and gaited horses in
general. So far everyone who has spent time with Chip and me has eaten their
words and I am no longer told that Quarter horses are the only real horse. Jenn
and Matt's horses are what they say they are, do what they say they will (and
more), all with honesty, friendship and a real love of horses.
Buy with confidence; I can’t imagine you will be disappointed.
Brian, now owned by Chocolate Chip.
"Hello, Jen!  I want to bring you up to date on my gelding that I bought from you
last summer, "Lite Nite" AKA "Johnny Cash" AKA "Sterling" (which is what I call
him).  He is growing up a little; he stands a tad over 14.2, now, nearly an inch
taller than last year, and as you can see in the attached pictures, he is filling
out/getting fat (!) and beginning to look like the descendant of world champions
that he is.  He has turned out to be the perfect horse for me in so many ways.  
Let me try to condense my experiences of these last 10 months for you:

In August, I learned I have diabetes very badly.  I am still struggling to try to
stabilize my system but it's tougher than ever, now, because the following
March, I learned I have inflammatory breast cancer, a rather rare and aggressive
type, already at Stage III when it was discovered.  Meanwhile, three weeks before
that, I broke my right wrist while unloading hay from my pickup--for the first time
in my whole career, I didn't get the point of the hay hook under the baling twine
before I put all I had into trying to pull the bale off the truck.  The wrist is healed,
now, and I have 95% motion and about 40% strength back in that hand and arm.  

I've finished the first phase of chemotherapy, had three weeks of rest, and am
just starting Phase Two.  It has been hell on skids.  For two months, I had 6
hours of treatment every two weeks which resulted in 10 days of crippling
fatigue, nausea, etc. out of every 14.  Phase Two promises to be easier, but it's a
little early to be sure.  Around the end of this coming September, I will undergo a
double mastectomy.  After that, I'll got through Phase III of the chemo which will
last another entire year.  And THEN, they plan to hit me with radiation, although
what will be left to radiate is a question!
Anyway, once at the end of this last May and twice this June, I've felt well
enough for an hour or two to be able to get back into the saddle.  Sterling had no
work of any kind from the end of February, on.  But he acted as if someone had
been training him for me the whole time!  He was as near to perfect as a 4-yr-old
colt could possibly be.  And he continues to be a love, as you can see in picture
#62.  He and his pasturemate, the little black mare, Noche, have bonded strongly
and get along famously.  She's a little tough on him when she's in heat, but
nothing serious.  It is picture #63 that shows you how delighted I am with him.  I
feel very fortunate to have such a super horse.  And believe me, I fully intend to
still be riding him ten years from now!  He is a comfort and an inspiration.  Thank
you for your part in linking me up with this incredible colt!  
Hope things
are going well with you.
Saludos!  Feliz "

Many people have come and gone in my life, but you my,equine angel,
have made it possible for me (an ole' lady of 67)  to have my Dream!!
I really hold a lot of respect for you.  We had some ups & downs
but  you bending over backwards, is putting mildly!!!
I will w/love, spread the word for your Ranch.  I wish I could tell your Parents
what a WONDERFUL job they did teaching you how to be a very compassionate
person in life  .You are very caring for your horses and your people you deal with
You have made this ole' lady Very Very happy
My Best Regards Angel

Update 5/24/2011
" Hi Jenn,     
I felt I wanted to share this with you. Its been a year now since deputy came
here. There were adjustments we both had to make. He has helped me with
dealing with my depression & patient & for the 1st time in my life, looking into the
being able to read some of the body language.    After 1yr, he has turned out  to
be waaaaaaay more than just a trail horse. You probably thought you were
selling me a trail horse, wroooooong. He is sooooo cute in some of his antics
that he does.      We divided the pasture in half, this spring. Now he has eaten
down a lot of it & he’s a little hungry.   He will stand at the fence a nicker till I  
come out, then he jumps around, runs back & forth BUT he will stop and stand
nice till I put it down He knows he won’t get it till he behaves.  I really can’t
believe how quick he learns. He is the BEST med I can have.  Jenn, you really
don’t know what you did for my life!!! I 1 time considered ending it, now I have
something that I can learn from.  Like I said before, u r my angel, you didn’t just
sell me a horse, you sold me a reason to live..! He is so fun.
Warm regards
Francine & Deputy"
Hi Jenn,

Thought it was about time I wrote to you concerning Bo...love, love, love that boy! He is so
sweet, willing and affectionate. We just got back from a clinic we hold here on a regular
basis. It has lots of things going on, car wash obstacles, a pit with plastic bottles to walk
through, tarps and poles. All of that plus every size and shape horse you can think of doing
these things. Bo was awesome, he did everything, even in reverse. I was so proud of him,
nothing bothered him, not donkeys, spooky horses, nothing.
Thank you so much...  
Again, I love my new boy...
Hi Jennifer,
"I rode him out today, and he did very well.  He had no problem with barking dogs,
motorcycles, or even the emus that live down the street.  I was very impressed.  Even
our other very calm horse freaked out at those.  He gets along well with our other horse,
and the kids love him.  I'm attaching a few photos of them."  "My son, Jacob, has really
taken to Spirit, even more than my older daughter, Gena (a.k.a "Spirit").  He has ridden
Spirit twice, by himself (with me leading him).  Usually before he would want me to ride
with him.  And Spirit likes the baby.  He tries to sniff her feet, which would fit right up his
nose!   I am in love with Spirit.  He is gorgeous! I love just looking out the window at
him.  And he is so sweet and easy going.  Yesterday I rode him through our streets to
the state park.  It was so nice to just ride out without worrying about what my horse
would do.  His gaits are fun too.  I had never ridden a gaited horse before."  
"Thank you for finding Spirit for us.  I'll give you a call if I ever convince my husband to
get a horse of his own."

"Hi Jenn……..I cannot believe so much time has elapsed since Lucky (now known as Panache) came
to me and I have not written to you.  I want you to know he is the love of my life and we are true
buddies in every way.  I could not be more pleased.  We are getting ready to get involved in
organized trail riding.  I can no longer imagine being without him!  Buying him sight unseen over the
Internet was spooky (a little) but my gut told me it would be okay and I am certainly glad I listened to
my inner self this time."  Thanks again…..I always enjoy seeing what is new on your web site…I will
send a picture when the weather turns and he is “spiffy clean”.  
Hi Matt & Jenn,
Contenders first ride.  We fit well together and he is very happy.   I have to share with
you the day I was trying my saddles on him.  I have two saddles and neither fit him so
by the time I was done trying them out I had to just put them away.  Well, he was not
pleased at all, he thought he was going to go for a ride.  I thought this was very cute
because you could tell he wasn’t happy LOL.  He was very pleased to get moving today
and he did sooooooo good.  He was patient while I tried to figure out his cues.  I found
them and then we rocked!  He is a true pleasure and I can’t wait to get him outside;
what a trusting sole he is.  Thank you so much again I’ve found my match
Update: 7/17/10
"Hi Jenn,
I’ve taken him on several trail rides and he’s awesome!!! Here we’re out on thousands
of acres just clipping along having a good time.  He loves to get out.  
Thanks again soooo much I truly love him very much.

Lesley Woods"
Annette has sent me a few updates on how Goldrush is doing with his new family.  
Annette has given him a wonderful and loving home.  Annette trusted us with the
purchase of Goldrush sight unseen.  They are a perfect match.  We are so happy that
Goldrush gets to spend his days with Annette and her family.
Thank you Annette for loving him so much!

" I cannot even begin to tell you how in LOVE I am with Gold Rush!! He has an old soul,
a temperament that one would give anything for and a get up and go attitude that is
unmeasurable."We are taking our getting to know one another slow, building a trust
and respect for each other.  HE IS THE MOST AMAZING HORSE!! Please let the people
know that you got him from that he is truly loved and is being very well taken care of.  I
will send you video and pictures soon. And YES!! Use any words/quotes you want from
me, EVERYTHING you said about my horse before I got him was everything you said he
would be, but you never said he was actually more than that!! I am blown away! Never
ever would I have bought a horse unseen and on the Internet I am the happiest person
on earth that  I took my chances!! A happy client of yours for life!! From the
point of sale to organizing the transport for me!! Which Wings transport was SUPERB!!
A safe happy horse and in excellent health when arriving to our door!! I could go on
and on but I think you get the point!! LOL!!
Your the best!!
Please have ANYONE call me for a reference, would love to tell anyone about you
and your establishment who will listen!!!
Gary sent us an update on how Chili (Firestone) is doing .  "I just wanted to tell you how much we
appreciate Chile (Firestone).  He is everything we wanted and expected and you were so truthful in
your description of him, we started dreaming of Chili before we visited  you.  I can truely say he is
exactly what we expected so our dreams actually did come true.  If we are ever in the market for
another horse you guys are on the top of the list.  If you ever need a reference please let  us know
we will give you a 5 gold star rating.  We feel lucky and think that if you only get one chance in a
lifetime to get a perfect horse  we just found ours.  Thanks again and don't worry he will be loved as
part of our family for the rest of his life."
Gary Smallwood
Hello Jenn...
Just a quick note of thanks to you for selling me such a wonderful horse.
wild pigs.  Quite a ride! Casanova handled it better then most of the seasoned pros. He was
amazing and a pure joy to ride. My riding friends snickered a bit when first meeting him,
wondering why I'd bought a 'pony'. No one was laughing after our ride. He received a pat and
a word of praise from all present. More then one person asked me where on earth I had found
such a great  little guy. I'm sure that several of them will be viewing your website with great
interest this week, ha attached to him. That plan didn't work! He is such a sweet, trusting,
happy guy. Also, he keeps us laughing,  as he is a bit of a goofball when not working- - -  he
thinks  everything is a toy! The horse balls and cones that I packed away years ago are finally
getting some use.
'horsecrazy kid' again (at 48 yrs.!!!!!) --- what a gift and a joy.
My thanks to you.
Wishing you the best always,

UpDate: 7/7/09
Just got back from a lovely ride today with my wonderful steed.
We did our first big mountain climb this morning and Smokey went up and down the rocky
trail like a mountain goat. He is so sure footed and
brave. He really pays attention to his feet..... lifting them high and clear on step-overs and at
the same time, really moving out. I just can't say
enough good about him, he is an awesome trail buddy !  
"I have ridden Bandit, and he is just a dream horse for sure!!!  He has the
smoothest gait!!  We love them both.  I have to tell you, I gave Apache a
bath a few days ago.  I knew he would be fine since I watched him take a bath on
your videos, and of course he was.  So next was Bandit. I was a little hesitant, but
I should not have worried one minute, he stood there like a pro."  " I can spray
them with fly spray, ride the quads around them, my husband runs the tractor,
nothing bothers them!!  Jenn, I am so happy with these horses, I can't tell you
how much we love them!!! I'll try to send some pictures soon and let you know
how Apache does with his first ride tomorrow morning.  I'm very excited to
actually get to finally ride him.  Linda "
"Hi Jenn:  Thought I'd follow up my other e-mail and let you know that Apache did
GREAT on our first ride together.  He went through the creek, over logs, over
bridges, just like a trooper.  My husband Roy rode Bandit and we were both so
impressed with how smooth their gaits are.  I still can't believe that I bought TWO
horses at once, sight unseen off the internet...and both of them are fabulous.
Apache is just such a lover...he's almost like a huge puppy. Thank you so much
for both of our wonderful new trail partners!"
Hi Jenn,
" When I brought my husband over to try horses he was a bit apprehensive as he is still
learning to ride.  We followed your recommendation and tried Chief.  Chief was wonderful with
my husband, displaying a patient, kind and willing attitude at all times.  We have had him home
about a week now and he continues to be the perfect gentleman.  We rode him out today in
35mph winds and he was wonderful.   My husband loves him and is gaining confidence with
every ride.  Obviously we are thrilled and would recommend your horses to anyone looking for
a lovely, well trained gaited horse."
Many thanks,

Val and Mike
Hi Jennifer, Matt ,

Cimmaron (formerly Battle Dollar) and I made it home safe and sound! I was
totally fried! It was an 11 hour trip and Hwy 99 is an absolutely horrible
freeway!!! Bumpy, patched up and full of trailer rocking uneven pavement. I kept
cringing thinking what poor Cimmaron must be going through. But he came
through it all great. I stopped every 4 hours for a 40 minute rest.  
When we arrived home it was completely dark out......AND!!!......we have NO
street lights around here. So with a flash light, Jack and I lead Cimmaron through
the "horse eating monster gauntlet"! Soooo many new scary sights, sounds and  
smells for a new horse to take in after such a long and exhausting drive.
Cimmaron took it all in and proceeded through it all perfectly!!! I was amazed!!!
And relieved! A very dicey situation to say the least!  I was very concerned  for
his and my safety. Whew! Just thinking about all that could have gone wrong
makes me cringe.  Your horses really live up to what you say about them!!! I can't
thank you enough for being the fantastic horse people that you are!  You folks
really have a top notch business with many wonderful horses to choose from. I
feel that I found the perfect match for me and my husband's riding ability.
Cimmaron has such a loving and even temperament. A joy to be around.
Jack fell in love with Cimmaron instantly! In fact he is claiming him as his very
own horse! Saying that this is his birthday present! Cool, huh? I
can't wait for him to get up on him for that first ride.  As far as Cimmaron and
Comanchero go, it looks like they are a good fit. No pinned ears and bared teeth.
I'm keeping them separated until
Cimmaron settles in and they get used to each other.

Thank You again for everything!
Cindy Sinclair

"Hi Jenn..........I cannot begin to tell you what an awesome, calm and perfect horse Diamond Cutter has
been so far!  I have renamed him Reggie.  
There is not a thing I can find that scares this guy! Thank you SO much for suggesting him for me.............I
see you've sold three more since him.......great!  If I ever need or want another horse, you'll be the first one
I come to.......and send my friends to.........and the experience was so pleasureable........thanks so much
again for everything!
Thank you,
Hi Jenn,
Just wanted to let you know that Revolver is a great horse. He has settled in and I love riding
him. He does everything I ask of him and he is a
pleasure. Thank you again and Happy Holidays.

Suzanne Elliott"
" ZEUS  is one of the best things ever to come into my life....He is everything you said and MORE
!!!!!!"  "He is such a people horse....He truly LOVES people and "most" of all, Zeus and i have
already developed a true "rapor"......he is so kind and sweet, I tried to turn him into the arena the
other day to let him "run" and all he did was "follow-me" .....I took him into the center of the arena
and took halter off and would walk back to gate and I'd turn around and Zeus was
"right-behind-me"  !!!!!!!!!!!!   like he was saying "don't leave me all alone out here"....so I just
saddled him and rode........Unbelieve'able......Just love him with all my heart........"
"Hi Jenn,
I've meant to write you several times.  Things are going fantastic with Dream Catcher.  
I love having him more than I even imagined!!"
"I hope we cross paths again someday.  I will always be greatfull I found you....and Dream Catcher!!"
Hi Jenn,
"So after it rained all week, really poured with major storms, I finally got a chance to ride Pepper.
I rode a little, on Friday, with my horse riding teacher. She was very impressed with Pepper, and she is
not impressed easily. She said he is a well trained horse! Pepper still seemed a little jumpy and out of
sorts, but gets better each day.  Today, I played with Pepper, by myself, and did the desensitizing like
the Clinton Anderson/Parelli type of ground work. At first he was pretty nervous, but he relaxed and
learned the program very quickly. This is a VERY smart horse!! I think it helped him to relax more, and
get used to me.  And, for the first time in my life, I saddled him up and went for a ride by myself!!! up
and down my driveway and the road. He was terrific!! He walked on a loose rain, and then did a slow
gait when I asked.  He was pretty preoccupied by all the new sights and sounds going on around him, as
there are donkey's, mules, other horses, sheep, goats etc, but all the more amazing he did so well!  It
was exhilarating, to say the least, and now I feel so thrilled and grateful to have a horse like this. And I
can go slow when asked. And when he gaits, well, that is his speciality!!  By the way, I am calling him
sweet pepper, instead of sargent pepper. It has a different feeling about it, but the name Pepper
definitely suits him. "  " Thank you again for such a wonderful horse. All the more remarkable since I
bought him from the Internet without ever seeing him or riding him!!! Just on your say so!
In gratitude,
Linda "
"Hi Jenn,  
We are so happy with Baracus, he is adjusting well and has made friends with the TW mare  at his new
home.  He is so happy to have all the attention he is getting from all of us. He is just a big puppy dog.
Thanks so much for everything.  We will probably be back to look at getting 1 more a few months down the
road. Donnie  is really enjoying him to and will probably  want one of his own too."  Baracus is so happy to
be with his new family.  When we trailered him to his new home we could tell that he was finally where he
was meant to be. "
Kayla sent me an update on Maverick (now Salem).  
"He truly is very special to me. I recently lost a horse very close to me. I didn't think I had enough
space in my heart to give to another horse. But then I met Maverick (now know as "Salem") and he
changed everything. He truly is a blast and has a great personality.
If I am ever in the market for a second horse I will be give you guys a holler."
"April passed her testing for the Sheriffs Department with ease."  This is a picture Mary sent me from
their application to ride in the Rose Parade.  Mary and April look fabulous together and enjoy nature
and trail rides together. "I love my girl".  They are a wonderful pair!
Jessica sent me an update on Chopper the other week.  Jessica rides Chopper and Eric rides
Outlaw's Getaway whom they adore.  It is always wonderful to hear back from my happy horse
owners.  "Eric and I could not possibly be any happier and Chopper is fantastic. He was a little
nervous for a few days and then settled down into the dream horse we had been hoping for!!"

"Hey Hey Matt and Jenn,
Wanted to let you know that Sterling is doing awesome.  He is getting used to trails and his only fears are
cactus of all things".  "All is great and I could not be happier.  PS: Everyone is jealous because he gaits so
well and does it real fast and smooth. "
2/3/09-"Happy New Years 2009 from Sunny So Cal..
Sterling has only gotten better and better as well as more affectionate and loving. Holding his weight and
blazing trails.
Thanks you guys!"
Hi Jenn,  "Here are some pics! We didn't switch over to a child's saddle yet when the
photos were taken, and still ... she sat up there, walked around with them ... and there
were no worries!"  "She is only two ... and she had no problems feeling safe and secure
on these guys, and getting them to respond to her in the round pen. She was a very
happy girl! We have five children, and my daughter and younger son have never had an
experience like this on any other horse. These horses are loved and will be ridden a
6/5/08 Sunny is now being used as a lesson horse.
"Ace is SO perfect.
Please let me know when you have more just like Ace. Our 10 year old son Hunter would bring Ace from
the barn and upstairs to his room if he could. What a perfect horse.
Thank you!"

Thank you Keith for giving Ace a great new home where he will be loved.
"Well, Aspen has been home for over a week.  She is settling well, and is such a solid horse, no spook, no
surprises. I have ridden her several times, and my daughter Amy is riding her as well.  She is such a sweet
loving mare."  "The other ladies on the ranch have fallen for her beauty and sweetness as well."   
"Just wanted to let you know how they have been doing, and that we love them both
so much, my husband even really enjoys them and he is not a real horse person. So
thank you again and we will send some pictures soon."
Hi Jenn,
just wanted to drop you a quick note.  We just got back from the barn , Major arrived at about
1:00am, We all absolutely adore him. Even Craig was taken by him.  What a nice mellow guy, due
to the size of the trailer we unloaded on the road and walked him in to the barn its a pretty long
and very dark drive way , he was very good not spooked at all. Once we got to the barn he just
to hang out with us. Had him out in arena and he would keep coming back to us.  Anyway he
seems to be wonderful and a lot like Romeo. Jenn thank you so much for everything you have
done for us and I can't say it enough we love our three boys and they will always have a loving
home with us.  Have a nice holiday and I'll be in touch soon.  
Thanks again  
Hi Jenn,
Just wanted to let you know that Somerset is doing great (I decided to keep his name b/c it really seems
to fit him). After his cross country trip, it took a couple of days for him to settle in but he is now more
relaxed. We have been taking our time getting to know one another with lots of grooming and walks. I
horse! Everyone in the barn comments on how well behaved and sweet he is. Thank you so much for
helping me choose him, buying a horse off the Internet can be a little bit leery, but he is exactly how you
described him to be and I couldn't be happier. He is very loved!!
Thanks again.
Hi Jenn,
Finally got some pics of my Teddy Bear.  He is the best!!!  
I absolutely love this boy, he is definitely my forever horse!
Thanks a million!
UPDATE: 1/26/10
Hi Jenn and Matt,
"Just wanted to let you know that I fall more in love with my Teddy Bear every
day.  He is the best little trail partner and I plan on growing old with
this boy.  I've tried other horses since purchasing him and I just don't
understand why anyone would have anything other than a gaited horse!  
What's the attraction to posting a trot????   
I hope to purchase another horse from you next year.  I'd hoped to get one this
year to give Teddy a barn buddy, but after purchasing a
home and new truck the savings is gone!  So if you could save Masterpiece for
me for a year it would be greatly appreciated!!!"
You were 100% correct.  She is a sweetheart.  She loves attention and comes
right to me every time I go out.  I think she likes the attention better than hay."  
"I really feel fortunate.  Thank you. I rode Liberty today and she was great."  
"She continues to want attention and always comes to me when I go out to the
pasture.  Thank you again for a great horse. " "Liberty has her own personality.  
She is like one of my dogs.   I am finishing a chukar pen for training birds inside
the horse pasture.  It is located there to keep it distant from my dogs.  Liberty is
right over my shoulder no matter what I do.  I hammer, drill and pound and she
just stays right there.  Today I was down on my hands and knees stapling wire
when Liberty took a pair of pliers out of my back pocket and dropped them on
my back.  She always tips the ladder over if I leave it standing and she has
picked up several different tools.  Later in the afternoon she got bored so she
laid down about 15 feet from where I was doing a lot of hammering and went to
sleep.  She is a kick. Her gait ain't bad either!
Thanks for a unique horse.

"I can't begin to tell you how much joy Mocha brings to me.  He truly is a heart mender.  Today at the barn I
ran into a lady who is in the process of buying a horse and boarding it there.   She said "you own Mocha
don't you?" "Yes" I answered.  "What a lover he is!  We've had long conversations together".   I get that
from almost everyone at the barn.   The young riders line up at his stall to watch him play with his dog
toys."   " His coat is beautiful - still that liver color - but sleek and shiny.  His tail is to the ground.   My
trainer is going to bring him up to Oregon for a visit in August - she's bringing her horse too - and we're
going to ride the trails up there for a week.   I think he'll enjoy that, don't you?  He loves to cuddle and
comes at a fast pace when I call him.  He's so neat!!!!!!  
Thank you again.  
Hi Jenn,
We are having allot of fun together the other day i has reading Horse Illustrated and their was a riders
bucket list like things to do before u die anyway one of the things on the list was to ride a gaited horse
and it made me think how lucky i am no not only have ridden one but to have one of my own i hope
every thing is going good at the ranch cinnamon is doing great he also extremely intelligent when my
friend and I are riding and we stop "Hi this is Danielle,  I am happy to say I have had cinnamon
[woodstalk] [triggers vigilante] for a year now he is the sweetest thing and we've had and talk for a
few minutes he will copy every move of the other horse she puts her foot fwd he does to she itches it
he will to sometimes he will even copy me! When I lean to the side he will tilt his head he's a real cutie
pie.  PS He loves rolling in the snow pretty big change from last year being afraid of it well gotta go
talk to you later bye."  
"Hope all is well in Las Vegas ! Just thought I’d let you know how great Giovanni is doing. He really
is the sweetest little guy. The weather is finally starting to cooperate and the snow has melted.  
Dennis and I have gotten him out on trail with another horse approx. 15 x’s, so far he has been
wonderful. We’ve encountered numerous deer, dogs and even the occasional gaggle of wild
turkeys. Jenn thanks again for everything and I’ll forward you some pictures in the future.
Sincerely, Doreen
P.S. When I’m ready for another one I will be calling you."
"Hi Jenn,
I've been super busy traveling to field trials every weekend.  Just a quick note to tell you that (Firestone
Affair) Clyde, marked like a Clydesdale, is working out very well.  He gets about four hours a day at
each weekend trial day, two and three day events.  His neck reining has Just a gentle squeeze and he is
off to the races.  He has no tendencies towards being herd bound which is another big bonus.  He is
also getting used to flopping bird bags being handed up to me and then going out on our own and
planting the live birds.  We spend a lot of time in a run/walk and that is his smoothest gait.  His
endurance looks to be good even though I will not tire him out due to his age.  Last weekend he proved
his ability to handle mud and extreme rocky surfaces."  "He has adapted well to long hauls in the trailer,
5 to 7 hours, and he gets along well with my old gelding.  Clyde will be a veteran field trial horse by the
end of the spring season."
"Thanks Jenn
Country did a great job delivering the horses.  We rode the horses today.  They did great
(Commander really fought taking the bit though).  
They both rode great.  We could not be happier.  Of all web sites we looked at and the
trips we took trying out horses your description of the horses temperament and capability
was right on.  No exaggerations. You arrange great transportation and made everything
enjoyable and easy.
Thanks for everything. Excellent job!
I attached a picture of Liberty and Commander at their new home.
Hi Jenn,
"Well, we're home ( no thanks to the wind), but Cheyenne was good after we got going.  
By the time we got here he was soooo ready to get out of that trailer.  He unloaded fine,
but was a little scared of an ATV cover flapping in the wind, but never tried to run away
or pull back.  He's a real trooper.  Cheyenne let me put on his fly face with no problem.  
When I put a blanket on him, he wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I told him he was
fine and he relaxed and let me put it over his head.  We just didn't want him to get cold
tonight ( he has his summer clothes on and we are still in sweat pants).  
He and Roc seem to be getting along great.  Playing over the fence.  I won't let out
together for another couple of days because we have rain and thuderstorms coming
tonight and Saturday.  I can't thank you and Matt enough for letting buy him. Meeting you
and Clyde was such a pleasure.   Cheyenne is  going to fit into our
family just fine.  He is everything I had been hoping for and more.  He's not sure where he
is yet, but he's not overly concerned either. If he gets worried he just looks for us and he
seems to feel better.  I just love that boy.  Thank you both again and loved the picture,
Charlene, Ed and Cheyenne
P.S.  He has met the two dogs and 7 barn cats too"
Update: 10/7/10
Hi Jenn,
I just wanted to update you about Dasani. We bought him from you approx 2.5 years ago when
he was approx 2.5 years old.  
I think last I updated you, we were boarding him close to our house & were seeing him all the
time & loving every minute of it. That boarding
location didn't work out as the owner was a real mean, grumpy guy. We had to move him farther
away so we didn't see him as often. That was very hard. We have 16 acres that we bought right
after getting Dasani in hopes of moving out there, but the housing market has prevented us from
being able to sell our current house in order to move. We got rid of our other horse, but
couldn't bring ourselves to sell Dasani.

Anyway, we have recently moved him about 2 miles from where we live now & are able to see
him almost everyday. He is still the same sweet guy
he was back when we got him from you. He runs up to greet us or anyone else as soon as he
sees them walking up. He will follow us around
anywhere we walk (whether in a stall or out on the trail). He would rather be with people than
with other horses. He can hang out with any horse
without causing trouble. He will go out on the trail with or without another horse with no
problems. He has never kicked, bucked, or shown any
contempt for people. We are continuing with his Clinton Anderson training that I told you about
before. He's doing fantastic! He has such a
fantastic mind! He has filled out into such a gorgeous horse. He was still a bit lanky when we
got him because he was so young.

I will try to send some updated pictures soon. I just thought you'd want to hear how he's doing.
He is amazing! Everyone loves him because of his
personality. He is the sweetest horse I've ever met.
"She is a doll and a perfect match for us.  She knows what children are-you can see her slow down, walk
more carefully and lower her head for
my kids to pet.  In short, she is beautiful, loving, family friendly and a joy to ride.
I will send some pictures shortly.
Thank you more than words can say."

"Hello Matt and Jenn,
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how things have progressed with Black Jack
(Midnight Run).  We have been trail riding in the mountains on a regular basis due to the heat
here.  We have had some amazing rides and Jack is doing great.  He is the lead horse on most
rides although he is still not very comfortable in that role.  But he crosses water easily and climbs
rocks like a billy goat so the others follow willingly.   We have gone to a gaited horse clinic and
are taking weekly lessons to work on proper framing, working off of the hind and improving gait
(mostly consistency).  He gets along well with his pasture mates and has put on some pounds
due to a good grass year.  Jack is a real sweetheart
and willingly comes to me in the pasture, even when he sees us loading the trailer.  I am very
attached to him.  He still has a tendency to be a bit spooky at times, but I don't put up with it and
I think he will grow out of it.  I am sending along some photos of our rides.  If the original owner
is interested, please send this along and let them know Jack is loved and well taken care of.  
Hope you enjoy the photos.
"Hi Jenn,
Thanks for your quick response regarding the back shoes of Suave/Charmer. I will discuss this
with my farrier. I just want to tell you that I absolutely love this horse. I had the best time ever on
a horse today with him. I rode him on a trail near my house for over 3 hours, and he was
excellent. We are bonding well and I know he is enjoying it here. He is also in good shape, as the
other horses were huffing and puffing). One of the other horses was in heat, and he didn't care a
bit.I worry sometimes that he will have bad habits like my other horses, but I have to tell you that
he is the perfect horse for me right now. He is not fighting with me over who is boss, rather, he
calmly does what he is asked, and with such ease.I even got into his smooth gait for a little while
today, which felt great.  His calmness helps me get and stay calm, and he is so easy to do
anything, just a light touch and he goes and he stops on command.  I am thrilled and grateful to
have a horse like this. Even my neighbors, who constantly joke with me for all the horses I have
bought and sold, know I finally got the right one.
Wow, it feels amazing!! I have finally found my dream horse!!!
Thank you Jenn.
The pictures were taken from my daughter’s phone so they are not the best quality.  
We unloaded Bandit about 2:00 pm (5 hours in the trailer today, 2 hours yesterday), let him rest for
a few hours then took him into the hills.  As can be expected, he was a little nervous / uncertain at
first (particularly when we took him out solo).  However, once we got on the trails  (I am using the
term trails loosely – most of the time we were following narrow deer trails through the talk
grass and scrub oak) , he was flawless  – I would just point him at a deer trail and he would take it
without hesitation.  FYI, I used a mild Wonder bit with a curb strap and maintained slight hand
pressure (when we were on the trail I just let him pick his own speed –
which was always either his fast walk or canter).  He did so well on the bit, I am going to try him on
a basic snaffle.  Thanks,Larry"
"I had Bandit on a 14 mile cattle drive on Saturday.   Then had him rounding up cattle for 3 hours in
blowing snow today.  Again, he was flawless.  He is so quick and athletic that he does the work of
two horses.He is also becoming more accustomed to working with me.  At one point I dismounted
to open a gate.  I just left him standing with reins draped over the saddle horn and walked over to
the gate and opened it.  He didn’t move until I had the gate open.  Then he calmly walked through
the gate to where I was standing (without me giving him any cues).   I got on and we kept going.
His only “vice” is that he wants to GO and other horses can’t keep up!  (and that he is at the
bottom of the pecking order and won’t stand up for himself.)  Please let me know if you get another
Bandit caliber horse (i.e., athletic, willing, etc.)  I may be interested in picking up another like him.
Larry "
"Oh Jennifer,   Angelo is absolutely gorgeous! He arrived with Mitch tonight about 10:30pm CST. It
was hard to wait these 5 days, and I was worried about his long ride, but he seemed to have tolerated
things just fine! Even for me, a beginner, he followed me into a totally new stable and arena, and was
very manageable. He got a chance to kick up his heels a bit in the arena, and is settling in tonight in
the adjoining paddock. I'll spend the day with him tomorrow (perfect timing, right on my 50th
birthday!). More updates to come!"
Update: 1/8/10
Angelo is a good match for me. Very tolerant of a beginner. He's a bit on the lazy side, but much
better than a flighty horse.
Thank you!
First let me tell you that we LOVE our horses.  This email has been awhile coming because
we've had so much snow here that our riding was limited for a few weeks.  We tried to go
everyday, though,  after the snow melted and before Dean had to go back to DC.  So we can
finally say with assurity that we are very happy with our purchase.  The big buckskin's name
is Jackson and Dan is now named Durango....after the Las Vegas cross street near you.  
(Grand Teton didn't roll off the tongue:)  They are both friendly and adorably curious about
everything and everyone.  Both of their ground manners are fabulous.  So easy to mount and
dismount, tack up and lead.  Durango has such a cute personality.  His ground manners are
even better than Jackson's.  So calm and patient; will stand forever wherever you leave him.  
His gaiting is so smooth and he loves to do it, even on the trail.  He is still 5 years old, so he is
more easily startled by new things.  But so far he only does the "4-footed plant" if spooked.  
He never spins or runs or has any other dangerous reaction. ""  Jackson is so calm and
even-keeled.  Perfect for my husband.  He NEVER spooks or gets nervous.  His has a great
stretched-out walk.  He is a little pushy with his head when being lead, or handled, like he's
been allowed to take advantage of less-experienced riders, by shoving them with his nose to
move where he wants.  Luckily Dean is 6'4" and very strong and he doesn't ever let Jackson
get away with it. I can already see an improvement.  His gaiting isn't quite as smooth as
Durango's, but his lope is to die for and it's Dean's new favorite thing to do on him!  He had a
slight respiratory infection when he arrived from all that trailering in December.  But a round
of antibiotics and he's good as new.  We love his size and beautiful coloring.We are so happy
with our new companions that we are strongly considering getting our 14 yr. old her own
horse.  She will also be riding in parades with us for the next 3 years.  She likes to trail ride
with us periodically on weekends too."
Thanks again for two great horses.  
Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

UPDATE 2/9/10
I have only been able to ride Flashy Star AKA "Triscuit" once since Tues. when he arrived, but
he is fabulous.  Emmy has been sick in bed, so Dean and I took him out and he was so calm
and well behaved, I couldn't believe it!  He actually took the lead in a new area, new ride, new
and never flinched.  People, dogs, ducks, water, signs, trashcans, huge trees, and he never
missed a beat.  We are very happy. I feel so good about putting Emmy up on him.  She thinks
he is beautiful and spent all Tues. evening at the ranch kissing him on the nose, which he also
patiently through."
Thanks and thanks, once again, for a great horse,
Hey Jenn,
"This is Sarah, My grandpa bought Smokey form you. He just loves him, he really is a great
horse. Thank you so much for helping us find him :)"
Sarah 2/26/10

I have been riding Smokey on the trails 3 or 4 times a week since I bought him from you in
January and have been really enjoying him.  Besides being
Thank you for selling me such a wonderful horse,
"Hi Jenn,
I just wanted to give you an update you on Voo Doo. I migrated his name to Voo Doo Dust,
and then Dustani. He seems to like it, and everyone says it fits him. So that is his new call-
name. The first weekend I just led him around a lot, so he could get used to his new
surroundings, and to me and me to him. And he did very well.  The second weekend I had
two round-pen lessons with him, both under saddle. That was when I felt my first true gait!
He was awesome! And I discovered he is very sensitive to both leg and hand cues and would
do whatever I asked him to.  Even with my beginner hands. He was absolutely wonderful.  
The third weekend, last weekend, I went on my first trail ride with him on Friday. There were
four of us and two dogs. We rode on the side of a quiet 2-lane street and then into the
woods. He did very well with both the passing cars and the tight winding trail through trees.
On Saturday there were five of us, and we encountered the strangest obstacles you could
imagine, and the most I’ve ever encountered on a horse: a fallen birch tree we had to duck
under like an arch, horses running in a nearby field, a long line of motorcycles, a long line of
bicycles, high winds on a ridge top, flapping “for-sale” signs, barking running dogs, a large
clanking utility truck, huge white barrels lined up in a hay field, a garbage dump filled with
flapping plastic bags, strange looming farm equipment parked beside the trail, and two
llamas. Dustani did great every single time. He looked at each thing suspiciously, but then
bravely walked right by. He is so cute they way he looks around with his ears cocked
forward, he really more curious than worried. The only time he spooked was when all of the
other horses did first. And guess what it was for? A lady working in her garden below us!
Who would have guessed? lol It was funny. And he did not un-seat me or scare me at all.  On
Sunday we went on a long trail ride (3 hours) to Crevasse Moraine (a beautiful mountain trail
here), and he was just amazing (again!)!! He is so easy to ride and so smooth; so trust-
worthy. I am beginning to trust him. And I think we are becoming friends. He even nuzzled me
after our ride.I don’t know how you find these horses. It just seems like magic to me, but you
did do it again with him. I wanted you to know that, and I wanted
you to know that I am happy.  So I guess I can say, “So far so good. Really better than good:
Thanks again, Jenn.
Victoria Faeo
"Hi Jenn!
I just wanted to write you and let you know how much we enjoy Jazzy… she is such a wonderful
horse!  She has really shown us what she can do up on the trails this last month or so and she is
Dorians little pride and joy. LOL!  We can put the halter on her and lead her around while my little
niece rides her or we can hop on and get one heck of a ride!  
Thank you so much… we are very glad we have brought her into our family!
Oh and PS… since she loves Dorian so much, I have found if I give her some oats, she loves me
just as much!  ;)
A percentage of each horse sale is donated to The Wounded Warriors Project.
As the day is winding down I am reflecting on how very blessed I am. Today I
ribs this past November after being bucked. Some people might think I'm
crazy and well, maybe I am, but it's my passion and my dream to ride and I
don't want fear to stop me from expressing my love in this way. I am grateful
to Jenn for helping me find Charlie and Lucky, and to God for giving me
another chance to get back in the saddle again! I'm grinning all the way down
to my toes and just wanted to share it with y'all! I love you guys!

Ria- 4/29/2012
Hi Jenn,

It's been a couple of months since Sienna (Chanel) arrived at her new home
here and I wanted to give you an update.  When I first purchased her, I was
told I was taking such a chance buying a horse sight unseen, and 99% of the
time, that's so true.  But I have to say that now that's she's well settled in and
has gotten to know me, she's really showing me what she's made of.  My
husband cannot ride a horse for health reasons, so he bought himself a quad
so he could go out on the trails with me and we'd be able to do this together.  
When he took off on his quad, she knew EXACTLY what was going on and
went right along without any problems what so ever.  In fact, when my
husband mistakenly went down a "private property, no trespassing" road, I
stopped Sienna and waited for him to notice that I wasn't following him, and
she instantly started whinnying after him!  "Hey dude!  Where are you
going!!!"  I laughed the entire time, and when he finally came back, she quit
making her ruckus and promptly went down the correct trail.  When he'd
stop, she'd stop, when he'd go, she'd go, without any prompting from me.

Now that her coat has smoothed out, she has darkened up and got slicker
than silk.  She's so shiny she get's compliments all the time.  And her flaxen
mane and tail really stand out now.  The next time Gene goes out with me on
his quad, we'll take the camera and get lots of great shots to send you.

Hope all is well with you and all your animals!
Thanks for all you did for us,
Kim Landfather

Hello again Jenn,
I have just GOT to tell you how Sienna has been doing lately.  Today I went
out for a short ride, an hour or so, and proceeded to trail blaze
a new area.   As we headed up towards the fairgrounds here, we passed a
house whose outside looked like the grapes of wrath.  The things
surrounding this house would have totally disgusted you.  First we came
upon the active bee hives (I didn't know) and you could hear the
buzzing from quite a distance.  Sienna could have cared less.  Bees flying
everywhere and I myself was freaking out in fear of getting
stung, and I swear to you I could almost hear Sienna say out loud "Hey, just
chill.  They're only bees for crying out loud".   Then came the
fun stuff.  Torn tarps hooked in the fence and blowing every which way, old
washing machines with all sorts of strange objects hanging
out the tops, clothes hanging on the line and blowing in the breeze, busted
up dog houses, a garage door laying right off the trail, and a
broken down, smashed up trampoline with the fabric blowing and hitting the
ground.  That's just part of the accumulation of horse
destroying goodies scattered everywhere, and Sienna didn't even
flinch.....not once!  She walked right by all this scarry stuff like it was
something she sees every day.  We keep a very tidy property here, so it's
nothing she got used to just standing in her pen.  I was so
impressed and so completely happy with her non-reaction to all this that I
sang her a bunch of songs all the way home.  I know all the
neighbors probably think I've lost a few brain cells, but I don't care.  She
really responds to the sound of my voice, and after the perfect
ride she gave me, she deserved a few songs.  She has become the love of my
life and is truly a magnificent trail horse.

Thank you for listening to me brag on Sienna.  I couldn't be happier with her
if she was dipped in chocolate!

Kim Landfather

I entered an endurance ride last Sat. It was held only a few miles from my
house at Fish Springs. They had a 50 mile and a 25 mile ride. The 25 mile ride
is called "LD" for limited distance and its purpose is to allow new endurance
riders to enter the sport.   I have been riding Rocky in the mountains but I did
not know how well he would do on a 25. I have worked him on hills but the
longest we went has been around 12 miles. I would not take Vader yet
because he needs more time to acclimate to the altitude and more
conditioning miles. Vader probably could have done it, but I do not take
chances with my valued friends.    There were 54 riders (45 finished) in the 50
miler and 19 riders (18 finished) in the 25. I ended up riding most of the ride
with another girl who was also on a gaited horse. Our horses worked well
together and I am sure we both had better times because of it.    You ride the
first loop which is 12.5 miles and then you have to pass a vet check. Rocky
"pulsed down well" (heartrate) and passed the first vet check. We had a one
hour hold where I got food and water in him as hydration is the biggest
concern. I ate and tacked him back up to make my out time.    I again ended
up riding with the girl I rode the first loop with. The temperature started to
heat up but our horses were still gaiting well. When you finish, your horse
has to pulse down below 60 beats per minute before your final vet check.
Even if you finish, you must pass the final vet check which means your horse
is "fit to continue". If you do not pass the final, after finish vet check, you are
ground by stupid riders. Endurance rides do not really care so much about
the riders, but they take monitor and protect the horses. I really like that
about the sport.    There were tow vets for this ride and I had the same vet
for my both my first and last vet check. She said Rocky looked even better
than the first vet check. The vet examines the horse for a variety of
soundness criteria; ie, gum capillary refill, jugular refill, skin pinch (all three
indicate degree of hydration), sore back, four quadrant motility gut sound
check, heartrate, and "attitude" of the horse. They have you do a trot out and
back to look for lameness issues. Each criteria gets assigned a letter grade
and then the vet gives you an overall condition grade on your rider card. I
was so pleased that Rocky got an A- for overall condition!    I did not know
where we finished in the pack but it took us 3 1/2 hours riding time to do the
25 miles. I went home and returned later for the award meeting. I was amazed
to learn that we finished 2nd in the 25! I was not "racing" anyone, I was just
learning the ropes.    I cannot tell you how happy I was with Rocky. He did
wonderful throughout the ride and never had a bad moment. He is such a
good boy! On top of that, he looks like a million bucks and was the best
looking horse there. He is such a special horse for me and will make a good
endurance partner. I am so glad I did not give up after I lost Duke. I feel even
closer to Rocky now that we did the endurance ride. I have probably been to
the barn 4 times today to hug him around his neck and tell him how happy he
makes me. I can see that our bond will grow even stronger when we share
the adventure of more endurance rides together.   The amazing thing
is that I thought Vader would be my only endurance horse. I am sure he will
be better at it because of his attitude and athleticism, but Rocky has proven
to be a good endurance candidate also. I will alternate doing endurance rides
with both of them. I also spoke to my good friend who rides Arabs. She is
going to ride one of "my boys" with me in a 50 sometime near the end of the
year. It will be so fun to ride the entire 50 with my good friend with both of my
fine horses together.    I was concerned about doing endurance because of
the pain I have experienced with posting the trot in the past. I still felt it after
this ride, but the discomfort was cut in half. The gaited horse is the
solution for me. I know I can easily do 25's, but a recorded endurance ride is
50 miles. I now know that I can try the 50 and it is possible. I will have to see
how it goes, but I am pretty sure I can manage it.    I just signed up for our
first 50 out of Bridgeport, CA (an hour south of here) which will be in the
middle of August. It will give me time to put some more miles/conditioning on
Rocky so he will be ready for the 50 miles. I will be riding Vader on the next
"50" I enter after the Bridgeport ride.    I have been monitoring Rocky all day
to assess his condition the day after the ride. I walked him down to the
mailbox this morning in case he was stiff. He is doing great and looks really,
really good. I think the distance ride agreed with him.    I forgot to mention;
we passed very close to a herd of wild mustang horses at the
start of the ride. There were two foals with them.   It was sooooo cool!

Jenn, I think you can tell how happy I am. I do not remember how I actually
ended up finding you, but your honesty and quality horses have made this all
possible for me. Both of my horses are exactly what you promised; in fact
somehow they seem even better. I will not try to tell you how much joy your
horses have brought me in such a short time. I am positive it is nothing
compared to the adventures and happiness I will share with my "two boys" in
the future. Life seems to just get better and better when you have a great
horse.I have two!    Please share this email with Christy. She is sweetheart
and I would like her to read it also. Feel free to use this email, or any part of
it, in your website testimonial section. Perhaps it will help someone else find
a "forever" horse (or two) like I did.

Wayne Woolway "
I am also VERY pleased with Rain, he has really settled in very well.  He is
truly a wonderful horse that my family and my self will enjoy
for many many years.  

Thanks for everything.

Susan Helenowski"

"Hi Jenn!

It was a long, hot, uneventful ride home.  Sunrise was a champ, never
complained or got worked up. Never even broke a sweat! He did
have to turn around to get out of the trailer though, and after 11 hours on the
road, I figured we can work on that later. Once he got out of
the trailer, and walked around for a bit, he went into his stall, took a nice long
drink and started in on his dinner.  Mel and I went for a trail
ride ride today, and had a great time! We didn't go far, because I'm sure
Sunrise is still tired from his trip, but we did go out in the woods
and across the river. They did great! All of my lady friends are very jeolous,
(and so happy) of our "husband horse", and the little girls are
lined up to play with that mane and tail! Thank you for bringing Sunrise, and
all of your great gaited horses out west so we can enjoy
them! What a pleasure it was meeting you and Christie, and all of the horses.
I'm letting anyone who asks where to get the horse of their
dreams! We'll keep you posted."

"Just checking in Jenn with an up date on black jack.  You were right he is an
gets his little cantor gait going on. I've just started riding him again, when he
first arrived it got a skin allergy, maybe from grass go figure.
But he is adjusting nicely. It has taken bounty and jj awhile to warm up to him
though. Anyway he is fun to ride and has a great gait.."

"Hi Jennifer,
Thank you so much for returning my email. Sundrop and I had a wonderful
day today, he is just the best boy ever, followed my husband all over the
place while cleaning the arena with the bobcat, tried to follow him in the tack
room- what a blast!!  We took him for his first ride around the ranch and
along the hwy- he did sooo well.
He is everything you said he was going to be. This is so nice to ride a horse
that is not worried out of his mind that a horse eater is going to get him at
any second. You were right- this is a walk in the park from Star. He even let
me clean his sheath today without a fuss. Does not seem to like dogs to
much and has become the boss horse out of the three.   
We laughed so hard the first night we got him home, he just kept his nose in
the air like a pig and kept smelling- we could tell he is not used to the clean  
country air.  Tomorrow I will  do more and try the walking run now that I
know. Today I tried squeezing my legs and he didn't respond for me, I know
he will.  Thanks again for my new boy, I will call him Rain for short (as that is
what we have allot of here while you have the sun)

Avis & Dave Tolhurst"

Jake arrived in great condition and in a timely manner, great transportation
folks. I have just arrived home this morning and have spent most of the day
with him. I'm delighted with this guy, we're already bonding initially, he has a
great demeanor and appears to be actually as advertised.
I'm very pleased with you and your professional manner of handling this
acquirement for me.
Many thanks,



I wanted to share a picture of Jake and I in our initial bonding; he's
everything and more than I could have ever imagined. We walk most of the
time to favor my ongoing back situation.  Should anyone wonder Fenway
Jake will never receive any form of abuse, physically and/or verbally.
Everyone here just loves him and I receive a lot of comments on him.
My barn foreman really enjoys him, she is commissioned to saddle him two to
three time per week. She also is giving me the proper guidance for handling
him, she has reviewed the videos that you provided us of handling Jake.
I have attached a bragging picture of Jake and I.
(We have decided to call him "Jake".)
"Just wanted to give you an up date on Bella.   
Where to start?  She is just perfect!
Bella has a very good head on her and is always ready to go and learn.   She
doesn't care if we are with someone or by ourselves.  She is not spooky at all
and her gaiting is almost perfect.   She does anything you ask and gets along
well with the other horses not to mention how pretty she is.  

Thank you for a wonderful horse and that you were true to your words.


Here he is all proud and all. He is a Texan now. What a great horse Ringo
is. He has really taken to his new home. He gets along well with the other
horses here at the ranch. He loves his stable since all of our stables have
individual fans. It gets hot down here in South Texas. Ringo loves the trail
rides. White tail deer, turkey, coyotes, wild pigs, exotic game such as axis
deer, black bucks and nilgai do not bother him. When quail flush he
doesn’t even react. He also feels right at home around the cattle herd.
Ringo is easy to ride and he has adapted well to South Texas.
Thanks again,     
"This is Bear and me on a ride Labor day, We had just come through a
nest of ground bees. Bear knew they were there and just stamped his
foot, he didn't panic or get excited. Everyone is very impressed with this
wonderful horse that i'm sure will give me the opportunity to ride many
more years to come (in my old age)lol

The location was in Anatone Washington in the back country near Big

Thanks again for your honesty and professional service.

Mariana Subis, Lewiston Idaho

"Hey Jenn,

Just had to give you an update on Wingman (Cherokee).  He did great on
his first ride on Monday in the corral.  He was very eager to please and it
only took about 5 minutes for us to figure each other out. The real test
was today when we went out on the trails.  He did amazing.  He was so
eager I had to hold him back.  He immediately took the lead and never
hesitated for a moment which gave confidence to my wife's horse as she
followed.  You could tell wingman was enjoying himself and they only time
tell he was not ready for the ride to end.  I would like to thank you, Jenn
for selling what you advertise.  I could not be happier."


"Hi Jenn,

I have fallen in love VERY quickly with Stetson. He is the absolute epitome
of an "in your pocket" horse...follows me around the pasture, always
keeps an eye on me if I'm anywhere in sight, and is quite content to just
rest his head on your shoulder for hours on end if you let him.  
love with him as well, but has been bareback, on the busy roads, and I've
even run him on the barrels in the arena! Anything you ask this horse to
do, he is happy to oblige. And no matter how "girly" it might be, he
ADORES being groomed, and I've braided him up as often as I have the
time :)  Thank you for a phenomenal horse. I couldn't ask for anything
more from him!"



Hi Jennifer! This is Meagan Phillips. Gerald, my mom's boyfriend,
purchased Caesar from you a couple days ago. He arrived at 5:30 this
morning safe and well! We decided to get him for her as an early
Christmas gift. I'm 17 and my 10 year old sister and I have two Tennessee
Walkers and we decided it was time for mom to have her own to ride along
with us! She was SO surprised and happy when she woke up and saw
Caesar for the first time! They have been joined at the hip ever since and
are bonding very quickly. He's getting along well with my horses so far, he
blends in beautifully with them! We thank you SO much for your great
service!! We'll keep you updated with pictures and testimonials!
I attached pictures of mom and Caesar!

"Hi Jenn,

Thank you for such a beautiful horse.  I am so happy, Midnight is a dream
come true.  I am attaching a few photos of him with his new pasture
buddy, Rio (a Paso Fino).  I appreciate your donation and support of our
troops.  My son is going to Afghanistan on Monday for two weeks to bring
back a plane.  He will also be deployed for 6 months this summer.  
It was easy buying my first horse from you as you made it simple and took
extra care to make everything just right.  
It was my pleasure doing business with you.

Have a Happy New Year,
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
"Hi Jenn.
Just wanted to check in with you regarding Remington. He is quite healthy
and happy at his new home! He now has personalized balnkets which keep
him warm at night, he even has a rain cost in case he wants to spend his
day outdoors during a shower. He is a real lover and I look forward to
seeing him everyday. He has done a couple of naughty things like taking
the Christmas bells off a door knob and refusing to bring them back.
He also was let out by 2 realllly bad neighborhood geldings and he ran and
ran and ran for about 4 hours before he was found! My husband had even
called the sheriff and animal control looking for him!

We love him dearly and wanted you to know he has the very best of care.


Debra Muhl
Vacaville, CA"
"Hi Jenn,
I have been meaning to do this for so very long, but have been very busy.

I purchased Crusader from you verbally via phone on 6/30/12.  He was
delivered to me, in Spokane, WA, on July 16, 2012.  I just want to thank
you so much for this wonderful horse.  He is everything I asked for and
More!  Cruz is the sweetest love and just so wants to please.  After 3 hip
surgeries in 8 1/2 years, he had the perfect personality for me and we just
love each other.  He loves to smell faces,  lick you, lick boots, lick your
hands, he even wants chap stick put on him.  He is so very funny and
precious to me.

Cruz has made me fight through the pain of my recovery from my 3rd hip
surgery in 4/12.  He arrived on 7/16/12 and I could not ride him until early
Sept 2012.  I spent so much time just turning him out, playing games with
him, grooming him and just getting to know each other.  He is the 9th
horse I have owned in my life and I have never met such a sweet, loving
character in my life.  He keeps me smiling all the time.  He quickly became
a favorite at the stable for his loving nature and quirky little ways.

I rode today and we had the sweetest ride.  I just cannot tell you, in words,
how very much this horse means to me.  We have developed such a close
bond and our riding together has come so very far since July 2012.  

I could go on and on and on about all of my sweet babies assets.  Thank
you so very much for choosing him for me just based on a couple e-mails
and phone calls.  You could not have organized a better fit than what you
did for Crusader and I

Lorissa in Washington state and Crusader (aka Pusher's Rought Iron).

I am just so thankful to be the proud MAMA of Cruiser.  He is just the

I want my praise for you and your stable to be posted.  Cruiser is an angel
with every sweet, funny, loving quality I could ever ask for.

Purchased over the internet, sight un-seen, he is the best horse I have
ever had and my love for him has no bounds.  Thank you Jenn, Matt and
Christy.  My dreams have come through with this sweet baby.

I have posted a couple pictures with this message and will include more as
we go along.

I just love the boy!

Lorissa in Washington state"

Update: 10/21/2013

"Hi Jenn,
I just wanted to post another thanks to you, Matt and Christy.  Cruz (aka
Pusher Rought Iron) and I just went to our stable Halloween party.  Cruz
and I won best costume for $150.00 discount off November board fee, a
one hour professional photo shoot and he was so good.  He did not flinch
a bit when putting all the feathers, boa's, bow and arrow, tom tom, etc. on
him.  In fact, he seemed rather proud of himself.  He is such a wonderful
horse, did not have any trouble with the other (20) riders, family,
costumes and all the fun games, etc.  In fact we won 3 out of the 6 games
we played.  He is the best horse, I just LOVE this boy.  No horse in the
world could be more suited for me than Cruz is.  I would never sell him, no
matter how much money was offered.  My certified trainer says that after
our first year together and how he placed in all 17 events he entered this
year that he is on his way to being a $50,000 horse.  She estimated I could
get at least $25,000 + for him right now.  I still would not sell him.  I am
going to have him double registered as a pinto so that it will open up many
more shows for me and Cruz.  He is the best and has helped me so much
through my recovery and ongoing health problems.  I do not know what I
would have done without Cruz in my life.  He is my everything.  I trusted
you to partner me with the prefect horse, sight unseen, and you went
beyond all my expectations, dreams and desires when you presented me
with the gift of Crusader.

Thank you seems so understated to how I feel about you and American
Trail Horses.

"Hello Jenn!

Well, it's been a year since I purchased Sienna (Chanel) and I thought I'd
give you an update.  Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, there was
a period of three months where I was unable to do any riding whatsoever,
reasons being a LONG run of very ugly weather, traveling to the east
coast twice, out of country once, family health issues and a series of other
events.  So finally the time came when I could take up my riding again, and
as I saddled Sienna, I knew this could go several different ways, one being
an 'out of the shoots' kind of ride, and of course that's the one you
prepare for just to be on the safe side.

I hopped on Sienna, we headed out the gate and what do you think
happened?  Nothing.  Not a darned thing.  We went off in to the desert on
a breezy day, and that mare acted as if she'd been ridden every day and
gave me not problem one.  Sure, she developed a case of happy feet and
it was obvious she was thrilled to be out and about, but she was solid as a
rock and consistent as ever.  I have to ride on my own which I know isn't
commission and most of the other horse owners out here seem to be
afraid of their horses, I really have no choice.  It's nice to know I can
depend on Sienna not to pitch fits even after a lengthy layoff from riding
and that she takes everything that comes her way in stride.

I've told my husband many times that if someone offered me thirty
thousand dollars for Sienna, I wouldn't even consider it.  She's my best
friend and a good, solid ride.  She's gotten to where she softly nickers at
me while I groom her and she follows me around like a lost puppy.  
Though I guess I should send her to rehab for her baby carrot addiction.

Hope all is well on your end and I just wanted to let you know how well
Sienna was doing.

Thanks and have a great day,
Kim Landfather"


Thank-you so much!! He is More then I could of ever hoped for!"
Beth Ann

Update: 7/31/2013

Hi Jen Just wanted to update you on Doc's first big adverture in the
mountains!! He high-lined perfect/he stepped out on the trails like he was
born to them/didn't spook when we ran into hikers/ stepped over logs
when the trail was covered with downed logs/ and of all things! putting up
with our little 2 year old filly learning how to pack... she would shove those
packs right into his butt and he wouldn't bat an eye!!! He ponyed her the
whole 6 days we were up there. We are SO HAPPY with him!!! Thank you
again for finding us our new family member!!
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my mare, Belle.  I purchased her
from you about 4 years ago.  I have always wanted a pinto and a gaited
horse, I never thought I'd have both in one-especially a buckskin tobiano!

excellent ground manners, and is wonderful with my children.  She loves
to be fussed over and helped my girl scout troop earn their horse care
badge.  She is extremely versatile as well.  She is animated and moves out
with me, challenges my 9 year old daughter who rides well, and is a
confidence builder for my nervous 7 year old son.  When my son was 3 I
could put him on her and let her go-she walked around with the greatest
care and did anything he told her to.  The attached video was taken after 5
mos pasture rest (we don't ride in the winter).  I rode her for about 5
minutes and then put my son on her.  This is the same horse who is
exciting for me to ride after riding for 35 years!  

She goes out alone or with other horses, is controllable when frightened,
and I can even gallop her up the hill towards home and she stops at the
top with a quiet whoa.  Her gaits are stellar and I have been able to teach
her to canter on voice cue-and I have no training experience.  Fun and
safe sums her up, so hard to find, but that is what I have thanks to you.


Purchased sight unseen
"Hi Jen,
I just wanted to let you know that Pride is doing well.  He took his first ride
this morning and was just as expected, an absolute angel.  I call him my
million dollar horse, but would never sell him,even for a million.

The transfer of ownership has been taken care of and I have the bill of
sale.  I want to thank you for everything and please know that Pride will
always be loved and have the best of care.
I will get a note out to Dr. Frehner thanking him for all of his help.

I wish you the best and will continue to check out your horses.  


Purchased sight unseen

"I've taken her out on the trail for a two-hour ride twice now.  She's great.  
Lot's of energy and she follows well enough, but she's a little competitive.
She doesn't spook at anything - but she does look around a lot. I love her
to death and she is beginning to see me as her human. Everyone loves her
and when I turn her out to roll and run, people will literally stop their car
just to look at her.
She's a horrible flirt - but has a tendency to be a bit hard to get with the
gelding next to her that is also in love with her. That's my girl!"

Purchased sight unseen

Last night was the first night that we were able to ride Charlie and Cash. It
was so fun Awesome. Cash can really go. They are both really nice and
people thought we were crazy when we ordered them on line without
seeing them. We put our trust in you and are very thankful for such nice
horses.  Hope to see you in September.
Thank You. Have a good day.

Dave and Christy

Purchased sight unseen

I purchased Gambler aka Maker's Mark in February and while we had a few
issues to work out between new horse and old rider, he has made
progress every day.  We just got back from our annual three week
migration to Montana and Gambler did everything I expected of him - over
creeks and rivers; up and down steep grades; over windfall; through
gates; and extended gaiting trails.  I didn't buy him for his "flash" but
everyone comments on it.  All in all, he is everything for which I purchased
him.  He will slow walk, slow four beat, fast four beat, really fast four beat
and cantor.  Yahoo!!!

Daniel Clifford
Las Vegas, NV and Alpine, CA."

"Thank you. I can't say it often enough he is so awesome. You truly made
him a great horse for me.
I feel like he was made so perfectly for me."



"Just giving you an update on Preacher we finally just started riding him
this week and just want to let you know he is a dream.  But all in all I am
very happy with him.  He is such a love bug with me and very obedient
under the saddle."
Love him!


"Just letting you know Preacher is doing awesome. I will send some pics. I
love this horse so much he is awesome on the trails with me. He is
definitely my confidence builder.I am not afraid to go anywhere with him he
is truly amazing!"


"I took a wonderful hour ride on Valor (aka Toby) on Saturday.  
He has added ten years to my life!
What a joy he is!!!  What a wonderful horse.  
He comes running when he sees me come to the pasture!!"

Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Hi Jenn,

I wanted to update you on how he's doing. So has been in Massachusetts
for a little over a month. The day he came off transport ( which was about
a 5 day journey) my farrier was at the barn and So had his shoes pulled
and feet trimmed. He was as good as gold! The next week was a visit from
the equine dentist and my vet . Again So was the perfect gentleman !

I initially started riding him about 10 days after he arrived it was all in a
ring. This past week was our first trail ride . He and I ventured out solo and
he acted like he had always ridden in the woods of New England. Today
was another test we did some road work and he handled it like a pro ! He
is just amazing on the trails and I can really tell how much he likes the
trails over the ring! Which is also my passion . Plus he gaits and canters
like a dream!

It goes without saying that I was a bit skeptical and unsure buying a horse
via website (and video only )and I felt it was a gamble . However you
handled all my requests with honesty and I felt genuine care. You assured
me he was what I was looking for and I'm glad I made the decision to
purchase him. He comes when I whistle for him , leans on me when he
wants his ears rubbed and follows me around the paddock when I'm
mucking . I only see us continuing to strengthen our bond and spending
long hours on the trails. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to
updating you in the future.

Happy Trails !

Paula Peterson and SoCo ( Southern Comfort)

"Hi Jenn/Christy:  I wanted to up-date you both.  It has turned out the very
hard decision I made a few months ago and then buying Shiloh was
absolutely the correct one.  We have been all over the park and he loves
it!  I am very comfortable with him and can take him anywhere now.  He
has one fault however that I have to be real careful with……..he unties
himself and strolls off to visit his buddies unless I tie him down real tight
to something.  LOL   It is unbelievably funny to watch!  
Thanks for everything.  Congrats again Jenn to you and Matt.  

Take care.
"I rode Hershey today and he was calm and has a wonderful gait. He's
handsome and friendly, too.  We are going to have a great time together!

Thank you!!"

Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
"Hi Jenn,  

Just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with Sky!!  He trailered like a
rock.  I overnighted him in Gardnerville.  He jumped right in the next
morning in a straight load two horse.  I rode him today.  He was perfect.  
He is so light mouthed that I ride him with just a little finger.  He does love
to get dirty!  LOL   He has learned about carrots. Come when he is called
and talks when it's time to eat.  

Thank you so much for a wonderful horse.

"Hi Jenn

Thank you so much for not giving up on finding me the perfect horse.  I
rode Nikky today.  She has the smoothest gaits, like floating on air.  She is
a dream to halter, stands to mount and dismount.  Don really likes the
horse he got from you but would trade me anytime.  So far they are getting
along fine although I think Dons horse will be the alpha.  
Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and a healthy New Year.
Marietta and Don"
"Hi Jennifer,

Stetson has made it safe and sound to Texas!  He was delivered around
midnight last night and put into his stall.  We went and spent lots of time
with him today and he his so sweet natured and beautiful!  

The vet just happened to be at the stables so we had Stetson checked out
and all looks great.  So happy - I know we'll have years of great riding!

Thank you!


"Both horses are doing great at our little farm in East Texas. We spent a
month in Colorado with them this past summer. They made the trip easily
and seemed to enjoy the rougher trails and cooler weather of the
mountains.  Here's a photo from the Colorado trip.
Thanks again!


"Pepper is doing well and settling in nicely. After good night sleep,  some
fat flakes, and a bath, him and Quinn went on their mini maiden voyage
today and things went super! She rode him up and down the driveway with
a smile ear to ear. More updates later ... and thank you again.
I can't believe he's here!

:-)  Lisa, Quinn, and Pepper"

Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to contact you about Warrior
and how he's doing.  I can't say that I've done anything exciting with him
over the last year and I kept waiting to have "news".  I've over the last 2
months started riding more.  We had a rough winter.  
I wanted to tell you that he is the sweetest animal.  Just for starters, he
befriended an OTT mare that I have who is not able to be ridden
because of an old knee injury and is at the bottom of the herd.  She
doesn't like to hang around with the other horses because she
takes a lot of abuse.  Yesterday, I walked out to find the two of them
snoozing and Warrior had his head resting against her side.  He's
just kind, through and through.
I have taken him out on short distances alone and on Mother's Day had a
wonderful trail ride with two of my children.  He is so trustworthy
and fun!  I am in high hopes that he will be my trail partner for many years
to come.  I even loped a bit down the trail....I NEVER do that!!
I am taking him to a gaited horse clinic in NC at the end of this month with
Jennifer Bauer and I hope to learn to be a more balaced rider for him.
He deserves that!

I hope you are doing really well.  I look at your site often because the
beautiful horses that come through your barn are fascinating!  My
husband walks through the room and just says, "Uh oh".  I'm trying to tell
him that we need "James Bond"!  He is gorgeous! I haven't had
any success yet but I'll keep working on him! LOL

Take care and thank you for such a wonderful horse.  He is everything
that you said he is.

Barbara Marsh

"Hi Jenn

Just wanted to let you know that Teako, renamed as Tango, has settled in
very well.  He is a very solid citizen and has easily adapted to his new
home.  He is prettier than I first thought....I am starting to really appreciate
his rich chocolate color.....and is very personable.  He has been out on the
trails several times, and we are spending a lot of time on ground work.  I'll
keep you posted, but so far I am very happy with him!!

Thanks for all of your help


"Hi Jenn,

Rode Karat (aka Sundance) today for about 4 hours and I am happy to say
that on just day two he was PERFECT!  His gaits are wonderful, he's light
in the mouth and very responsive to leg.    I could not be more pleased!

We rode on roads, up and down washes, past blowing bags and he never
missed a beat.  And he's darn easy on the eyes too.  Thank you, thank
you, thank you!!!!

Annie, Sundance and Shiloh"


Greg and I just wanted you to know that we let the horses settle in for a
few days to adapt to their new surroundings. We finally took them for a
ride on Tuesday. They were wonderful! Best ride either of us has had in
years! We thank you so much for all your help and we know they will be
with us for many years to come!

Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and send you some pictures of Sara
and I. She is super sweet and I have a lot of fun with her. She is boarded in
close proximity to a stud and has never shown any mare-ish behavior. I
haven't gotten to ride her as much as I would like but as soon as the
saddle is on she is ready to go explore. She is very adventurous and likes
to move but she listens very well too. She can be a bit cantankerous from
time to time but once corrected the behavior never happens again. I have a
young OTTB and she does really well with him though he has the hardest
time keeping up with her as he is a bit on the lazy side and she likes to go.  
One thing that I find odd, though not problematic at all, is that she prefers
to be mounted on her right side instead of the left like most horses. It took
me a while to figure this out but I feel better knowing I can mount from
either side. All in all she is a great horse and I look forward to our future
together, which may include MSAR training as the boarding stables I board
at offer training and certification for it. Thank you so much again for

 -Angela Trice"

Purchased sight unseen
Purchased sight unseen

"Hi Jen,

We have put many miles on our new great horses. Both are keepers!  
Move great, great on the trails, and excellent minds (not to mention looks)

Thanks for these two great horses.


Penny and Lyndie


"Hey Jen,
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE Gunner.  He has a wonderful
personality, his gait is awesome and he's full of energy!  Thank you so
much from Cincinnati!  It was worth the trip to Vegas.
Brenda Olmstead


"Hi Jen,
I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you no how very very happy I
am with Domino (now Toby.)  You were such a pleasure and professional
considering several and you thought him to be the perfect match for me
and you were so right. It took him a few weeks to trust me but now we are
best buds and he follows me everywhere, he is such an amazing
boy! When riding him he just glides along and many of my neighbors now
call him Prancer his head is high and his tail is up and he is smooth. He is
content going out and loves doing his job and usually doses off at
the tie rack when we get back. He gets a grain treat with his night feeding
and when I walked to the barn yesterday morning to feed him he walked
out of his stall with his grain tub in his mouth just looking at me,
I said no not till tonight you no better so he just dropped it and followed
me to his hay feeder....quite the personality! He also is learning to kick a
ball and a few times has had a pretty powerful kick. Not only is he
well trained and a pleasure to ride but he is loyal and has provided me with
many laughs and companionship. I am so glad I came across your website
and thankful you represent your horses so well, buying site unseen is
risky but I could not have done better. I am going to be looking for a
companion for Toby in spring, I will contact you and I am sure you will
make another great match.

Thank You Again Jen and Happy Holidays.
Bonnie Kindice